Spring Wedding DIY Projects

Have you been roaming Pinterest, trying to find some inspiration for your wedding decor? Well, we want to remind you that you don’t always have to purchase the exact flowers, centerpieces or tablecloths that you see. There are many easy ways to create your own wedding decorations all by yourself! Not only will this cut down on costs and allow you to spend your wedding budget in other ways, but it will also allow you to get personal and make each aspect specifically what you want! ✨👩‍🎨

Your creativity, inspiration, and ideas can lead you to create the wedding of your dreams! Here are some ideas on DIY wedding decor for your special day! 🎉

Wooden Signs

Wooden signs add a cute, boho feel to any wedding celebration. These signs can direct the guests to the ceremony or even let them know what food is on the menu. There are many places where these signs can be incorporated and thankfully they only require a few materials. You will need smooth, wood pieces (they don’t all have to be the same size, shape, etc.), stencils, either paint pens or paint, and a paintbrush.

  1. Take the piece of wood and place the stencils on the wood to spell out the words you want.

  2. Trace the stencils with a pencil so you have the outline shapes of each letter.

  3.  Remove the stencil and begin to fill in the letters with either the paint pens or paint.

  4.  Let them dry and you will have amazing signs for your wedding!


Lanterns are a great way to incorporate a different kind of item into your wedding decor. Inexpensive lanterns are available to purchase at places such as Michaels and Ikea. Although you can place a candle in the lantern for a more traditional look, you can also add flowers to the inside of the lantern or any other item that matches your theme. 🌿

Suspended Flower Strings

Looking to add some more flowers to your wedding but want a new way to incorporate them? We love the look of hanging flower strings and think they are perfect for hanging around your celebrations or even an altar. 👰 All you need is some sort of string or fishing line, flowers, water, a needle, and scissors.

  1. Let your flowers hydrate in water for several hours before cutting the flowers. Hydrating the flowers properly will give them the best possible appearance.

  2. Take your ball of string, twine or cord and cut long lines from the spool.

  3. Cut the stems off of your flowers, so you just have the tops.

  4. Thread the flowers through the string, making sure they are evenly spaced out so there is some distance between them. (tip: tie a knot in the line beforehand to evenly space the flowers).

  5. Once they are all attached, you can hang them from a doorway, rod, or really anywhere! 🌸

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Creative Ways to Save Big on your Wedding Day

Are you a newly engaged couple with a dream wedding to plan? First, congratulations! 💍This is going to be such a fun and exciting process. However, as all the to-do’s and expenses start to pile up, you may feel in over your head. But don’t worry, there are plenty of ways you can get creative and save big on your wedding day.

1. The Dress. The average cost of a wedding dress in the United States is $1,050, but believe it or not, you can score the dress of your dreams at 30-80% off retail price. Your wedding dress will likely be one of the most important decisions you make for one of the most important days of your life, so why not buy a beautiful gown that you love at an affordable price? And, if you are looking for additional ways to save on your dress, maybe consider finding a simple dress vs. a super detailed one. You can always add extra sparkle and glam with accessories. ✨

2. The Budget. Determining a wedding budget is hard. Sticking to that budget is even harder. But knowing the amount you have to spend on expected (and unexpected) costs for your wedding will help you save big in the long run. If you aren’t confident about your money management skills, stay on top of your funds with an online banking company. Mobile banking apps help take the guesswork out of saving for your big day by providing real-time spending alerts and balance updates. This on-the-go technology is super helpful when you need to quickly pull numbers for vendors or when you need to go over budget details with your partner. 👏

wedding budget

3. The Date. One way to save big while planning your wedding is to be flexible with your wedding date. Many people have their hearts set on a weekend wedding during the summertime, but choosing a date that falls during the off-season will be less expensive. While Saturday weddings are the norm, having a weekday wedding during January and February can help you save 30-50%. While this is a great money-saving option, it might not be ideal for those who plan on having a larger guest list. Talk it over with your partner and close family members to make sure your decision is the best option for everyone involved. 🎉

4. The Decor. Consider using a rent and return floral boutique to cut costs on gorgeous floral arrangements without having to sacrifice anything else. 🌼This a convenient and creative way to save money and eliminate flowers going to waste. Also, the process is so easy, all you have to do is package your flowers back into the pre-paid box and simply return them after your wedding. If you feel like you might forget, assign one of your go-to bridesmaids to take on this task, they’ll be happy to help!

Bachelorette Party Ideas On A Budget

You have the ring, the date is set, your bridal party is ready to go, and now it’s time to plan out your bachelorette party! 🤩The problem though, finding the funds to throw a party to remember. If you browse social media, you’ll find lavish bachelorette parties that likely cost everyone in attendance a fortune. A weekend to Las Vegas, expensive champagne, and goodies that look entertaining, but definitely add up.

But, don’t worry! We have some ideas you can use to plan a bachelorette party on a budget and still make it as epic as all the rest! We came up with a list of five bachelorette party ideas to give your bridal party that won’t break the bank. 🎉

Scavenger Hunt 

Now, reading the words scavenger hunt, you may think that it is more of a childish birthday party idea. However, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. You can throw a bachelorette scavenger hunt that can be either wild and crazy or tame and laidback.

These types of parties take you on an adventure around your city (or anywhere else you would like to go) on a hunt for clues. You and your bridal party will split into teams and compete to make it to the finish line. With video and photo clues to take you on your journey, you and the girls will have social media-worthy photos that will illustrate just how much fun you’re having.

Spa Weekend Getaway

Plan a relaxing spa weekend for your bachelorette party. It’s easy to make your own pamper night by stocking up on face masks, nail polish, hair supplies, and anything else that you can think of.

Don’t want to do it yourself? Scope out spas in your area and price out what they offer. You and the girls can get facials, makeup, hair, and nails...a complete makeover...before going out for the night.

Go Old School

Remember how much fun it was as a kid to go bowling or rollerblading? Who says you can’t have just as much fun doing those activities as an adult? Gather your bridal party and spend the evening at the local bowling alley. You can make your own competitions with prizes at the end.

Host a Theme Party

If you have a dream of going to Paris, why not throw a French-themed party? Set up a fondue station, cheese platter, dainties, wine, and decorate with all the French decor you can think of.

A theme party can be anything you want. Maybe it’s your favorite destination around the world, going back in time to the classic 80s, or something creative you and your bridesmaids come up with. Either way, a theme party is an inexpensive way to get together for a night and let loose.

Go Karaoking

Who doesn’t love a good night of karaoke? You and your girls will have fun belting out your own renditions of your favorite tunes. With a karaoke night, you have two reasonably priced options - go out to your local karaoke bar or rent your own machine.

Make your bachelorette party one that other ladies will want to recreate. No one says you have to spend a fortune to have a great time. Try one of our ideas for a bachelorette party on a budget that will have you wanting to do it all over again.




What Do Your Wedding Shoes Say About You?

Ever wonder what kind of bride you are? We think your shoes have a little to say about that! Whether you like sparkly heels or lacey kicks, it's important to pick a shoe that coordinates well with your dress, wedding theme, personality, and one that makes you feel your very best while strutting down the aisle! 👠Whichever you choose we’re sure you’ll look your very best on your big day - from head to toe! 😉

Read more to find out if you’re a Chic, Romantic, Cool, or Timeless bride! ↓

1. The Chic Bride

The chic bride is a one who considers her style glamorous. She likes a little bit of sass and sparkle too! ✨ Her shoes will be a neutral color, and are bound to include jeweled embellishments. The chic bride likes to keep it classic, but isn't afraid to make a statement. 



2. The Romantic Bride

The romantic bride likes to keep things sweet and elegant. 🌹 She isn't going for a sexy platform shoe; she has a dreamy style with vintage details. For her shoe selection, she prefers something unique and magical.

Romantic Shoes

3. The Cool Bride

The cool bride isn't afraid to take fashion risks on her wedding day! Her shoe selection may include over the top accents and trendy features. She may even be daring enough to bring in a dramatic pop of color! 🙌

Leather Bridal Shoes

4. The Timeless Bride

The timeless bride is feminine and wants all the wedding traditions. You may even find her wearing “something borrowed or something blue”. 💙 If she isn’t wearing blue, her shoes will feature darling lace accents or modern updates on classic styles.

Blue Shoes

So which style would you say is your wedding shoe style? Chic, romantic, cool or timeless?

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Groomsmen Gifts They'll Actually Love

Brilliant Babes this post is for the men in your life. Wether you have some guys standing up with you or if your fiancé needs help coming through with some solid gift ideas. Your guys mean everything to you, which is why you and your fiancé have thoughtfully chosen them to stand with you as you say, “I do.” So thank them with a gift they will actually love, and tell them how much they mean to you.

Rachel Solomon Photography

Rachel Solomon Photography


Personalized Docking Station

This Personalized Docking Station is such a functional groomsmen gift. It will allow your guys the chance to roll out of bed and be on the go in no time because all of their daily essentials are finally all in one place. This fir wood, multi-functional docking station features: a slot for watches or bracelets, a keychain notch at the top, and a groove along the bottom for charging cords. We love that you can personalize this gift for him, and it will take a primary spot on his night stand or desk.

Groovy Groomsmen

Groovy Groomsmen


Whiskey Decanter Set

This is the total package! A Whiskey Decanter Set makes the perfect personalized gift for guys!  Give the men in your wedding party the ultimate drinking trinity: decanter, whiskey glass, and whiskey stones. This practical set will add the perfect touch of sophistication to future guy’s nights.

groovy groomsmen

groovy groomsmen


Sony Portable Speaker

Perfect for the wedding party that likes to do just that - party! Get things booming anywhere with this portable Sony Bluetooth speaker with extra bass and a compact, water-resistant design for worry-free listening indoors or out. This small but mighty accessory will keep the party going all weekend long! Plus, you can find them in red and blue.




Groomsmen Survival Kit

Being a groomsman is a big job, where a lot of responsibility and a lot of alcohol meet. Equipped with: handkerchief; pocket comb; shoe cleaning fluid and cloth; toothbrush and toothpaste; and even a fake-backup-wedding-ring (you can never be too careful), this must-have kit will definitely come to the rescue! There's almost no disaster that can come their way that the Groomsman Survival Kit can't overcome.

Men’s society

Men’s society


Stainless Steel Accessories

Maybe the guys in your wedding party are already super classy, but some might need a little help. Help them take that suit and tie to next level with custom stainless steel accessories. Put a little bling in your groomsmen’s wardrobe with this elegant gift set including: tie clip, cufflinks, and money clip. Plus, it’s all packaged neatly in a personalized, wooden box. No need for gift bags or wrapping paper.

Groovy Groomsmen

Groovy Groomsmen


Your guys have been there for you through thick and thin. Of course, they don’t need a thank you gift for being your friend. Just getting to be part of you and your fiancé tying the knot means the world to them! 💍 But your wedding day wouldn’t be the same without them, so say thank you with a gift that lets them know how much they mean to you! And to make these gifts even sweeter and add a personalized card. And don’t think we forgot about your girls, we have post for bridesmaid gifts they will actually love, too!

Elizabeth le photography

Elizabeth le photography

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