Alterations Answers - How Much Can I Customize my Bridal Gown?

At Brilliant Bridal, our off-the-rack bridal boutique concept allows brides to try on and buy the actual dress they are going to wear down the aisle. There are so many benefits to buying your wedding dress this way, rather than ordering a gown the traditional way.  One of those benefits is that we get the chance to customize your gown to be a truly unique, one of a kind bridal gown.

While our stylists are all experienced in the different customizations that can happen to a wedding dress to make it uniquely yours, we wanted to hear from an expert seamstress on what the limitations are, if any, to customizing a bridal gown.

Donna from Donna Beth Creations is back again this week to share with us her experience in taking a wedding dress from one you'll see everywhere on Pinterest to one that will only be seen in your wedding photos.