Meet the team Monday - Meet Mo from Brilliant Bridal East Valley

Meet the team Monday - Meet Mo from Brilliant Bridal East Valley. Mobile Image

Oct 26, 2015


We really wish today's blog was a podcast because today we are introducing you to Mo who hails from England! Sometimes we just make her say words like aluminum and tomato.  It's great.  Mo is also an amazing bridal stylist and has some great advice for brides still looking for "the" dress.  Read below to learn more about Mo (but do it in a British accent for the full effect.)



  1. Name? Mo
  2. Which Brilliant Bridal location are you based at? Brilliant Bridal East Valley
  3. How long have you worked in the wedding industry? 1 year and counting - yes its the fun job!
  4. What is your favorite part of working at Brilliant Bridal?  Finding the bride's dream wedding dress.
  5. What is your one tip for brides starting their wedding dress shopping journey? Don't make the dress search journey too long, or you may get overwhelmed.  Also try to be open to suggestions your bridal stylist may have of something unexpected.
  6. If you could meet any celebrity, who would it be?  Sandra Bullock - I love her genuine, fun, hilarious personality
  7. What is the best concert you've ever been to?   I've been to many concerts from Michael Jackson to Lenny Kravitz - most recently U2 - so my favorite currently would be U2 - Amazing Show!
  8. Where is the one place you would love to travel to that you haven't visited before? Seychelles
  9. What is your favorite wedding trend of the moment? Timeless styles, intimate gatherings, and simple elegance.
  10. Who is the one wedding vendor you just love to refer brides to in your city and why? Sue Jacobs Cakes - Delicious!