Our Brilliant Brides - Real Wedding - Kathryn from our East Valley bridal shop

Our Brilliant Brides - Real Wedding - Kathryn from our East Valley bridal shop. Mobile Image

Oct 13, 2015

Do we have a special real wedding for you this week!  Kathryn and Trevor planned a unique and personal Alice in Wonderland themed wedding at Gerber Gardens in Mesa and the images from April Maura Photography are just stunning!  Kathryn said yes to the perfect wedding dress for her fun theme at our East Valley bridal shop and we're thrilled that her wedding was featured on Fab You Bliss just a couple weeks ago! It can be tricky planning a themed wedding without it quickly becoming kitchsy or even cheesy.  Kathryn and Trevor did an amazing job of creating a stylish, sophisticated, elegant wedding with touches of their theme all throughout.  Scroll on for some amazing eye candy and great wedding inspo!

east valley bridal shop Fab-You-Bliss-April-Maura-Photography-Tea-Party-Wedding-02-650x975 Fab-You-Bliss-April-Maura-Photography-Tea-Party-Wedding-05Fab-You-Bliss-April-Maura-Photography-Tea-Party-Wedding-07 Fab-You-Bliss-April-Maura-Photography-Tea-Party-Wedding-09-650x433

Fab-You-Bliss-April-Maura-Photography-Tea-Party-Wedding-10Fab-You-Bliss-April-Maura-Photography-Tea-Party-Wedding-13 Fab-You-Bliss-April-Maura-Photography-Tea-Party-Wedding-14-650x975 east valley bridal shop Fab-You-Bliss-April-Maura-Photography-Tea-Party-Wedding-16Fab-You-Bliss-April-Maura-Photography-Tea-Party-Wedding-19 Fab-You-Bliss-April-Maura-Photography-Tea-Party-Wedding-21-650x975 Fab-You-Bliss-April-Maura-Photography-Tea-Party-Wedding-23Fab-You-Bliss-April-Maura-Photography-Tea-Party-Wedding-43Fab-You-Bliss-April-Maura-Photography-Tea-Party-Wedding-24-650x975 Fab-You-Bliss-April-Maura-Photography-Tea-Party-Wedding-35-650x975

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