Our Brilliant Brides - Real Wedding - Mikaela from our East Valley Bridal Store

Our Brilliant Brides - Real Wedding - Mikaela from our East Valley Bridal Store. Mobile Image

Oct 29, 2015


We are so excited to share this real wedding with you because it is a stunning before and after transformation of Mikaela's bridal gown that shows off what you can do to customize your bridal gown when you purchase it at Brilliant Bridal! If you are a bride-to-be still searching for the right wedding dress to fit your wedding theme, we would be honored if you scheduled an appointment at any of our 5 bridal shop locations.  We specialize in selling designer bridal gowns off-the-rack for 30%-80% below retail price!  If you book an appointment at our new Las Vegas location before November 7th you'll receive an additional $50 off your purchase!

Mikaele found her gown at Brilliant Bridal East Valley about a year ago and was married last summer.  Her bridal stylist helped her envision what her dress could become with a few alterations and her seamstress Janet Kirkman turned the vision into a beautiful reality.


bridal gown before


bridal gown after

Mikaela had the back completely reconstructed and added one of a kind beaded straps for a dramatic and unique open back look.  We love helping you customize your bridal gown at Brilliant Bridal.  Our stylists are full of creative ideas we're confident our recommended seamstresses can execute.  And you can afford to have your dress redesigned into a custom piece because we are able to save you so much on your bridal gown purchase!

Keep scrolling for more images from Mikaela's beautiful wedding.  Thanks to Jenny Rawson Photography for sharing these images!