The Top 5 Bridal Show Tips for Brides

The Top 5 Bridal Show Tips for Brides. Mobile Image

Jan 13, 2016

In case you missed the blog on Monday, it's bridal show season!  Over the next two weekends you can find Brilliant Bridal at the Rocky Mountain Bridal Show in Denver, the Bridal Spectacular in Las Vegas and the Arizona Bridal Show in Phoenix.  We just love that we get to meet so many brides-to-be in one weekend and introduce them to our discount wedding dress bridal boutique concept. If this is your first time attending a bridal show, whether in Denver, Las Vegas or Phoenix we'd love to share some tips with you from our years of experience!

Regardless if you're going to a huge annual bridal show, or a smaller weekend wedding venue open house, if you don't have a plan chances are you'll get overwhelmed and leave without accomplishing the wedding planning you came to do!  Let us help you put together a game plan with

The Top 5 Bridal Show Tips for Brides

bridal show tips for brides

1. #squadgoals

Most brides-to-be like to bring friends and family to the bridal show to help make wedding planning decisions and to help carry all the free magazines, fliers and swag you'll collect from vendors.  Rather than inviting your entire bridal party, family and lifelong besties consider selecting just a few key people to help you navigate the bridal show.  Think mom, MOH and sister/BFF.  If you and your fiancè are sharing the wedding planning duties make sure you both attend and agree on the guests attending with you.

If you have a hard time staying organized and on track, bring someone to keep you focused.  If you're more of a type A personality, bring a friend who will keep things light and stress free. Bring friends & family who know you well and know what YOU want for your wedding and won't try to convince you their idea is better (admit it, we all have this friend).  Bottom line, remember this day is about you and your fiancè, your wedding and what you need to accomplish to pull it all together.  Don't feel pressured to invite a huge group to join you if it will create more stress or derail your goals for the bridal show.

2. Add the right filter

One of the easiest and cheapest (ie: FREE!) things you can do to make your day at the show and your overall wedding planning more organized is to set up a dedicated email address for all wedding related email.  There are lots of free email options out there, but at Brilliant Bridal we run everything on Gmail since it easily allows you to set up folders to organize your vendors, it has virtually unlimited storage, and comes with a slew of other goodies like Google DriveGoogle Calendar and more that can be a huge help with your wedding planning.

Create an email address that is easy to remember and reflective of your wedding day like: or  You can use this address to give to wedding vendors, as an eco-friendly RSVP option or to keep in touch with your wedding guests with out having your personal email bombarded.

Keep in mind that by attending most bridal shows, you likely had to share your email address and "opt in" to receiving emails from their partners.  Some email will be from vendors that you want to hear from and some of it might be kind of annoying.  By law, all direct email marketing must have a clear "unsubscribe" option.  We would encourage you to use this method for silencing the wedding pros you aren't interested in rather than marking their emails as "spam".

3. If You Like it Put a Label on It

One super easy thing you can do in advance that will save you lots of time at a bridal show is creating a simple contact info label.  Many vendors will be offering giveaways and promotions that will require your contact info and instead of writing this info over and over again, a sheet or two of labels will save you lots of time and writer's cramp!  You can put as much or as little information on the label as you're comfortable with, but do make sure to include your full name, phone number, wedding date and your wedding email address at minimum.

Also, never feel pressured to give your contact information to a wedding vendor.  If you do, that's probably a sign of someone you wouldn't want to work with in the first place.  You should only give out your contact info out if you are truly interested in a vendor's service and would like more information, or if you would like a chance to win their giveaway.

4. Pencil it In

Bridal shows are a great vehicle for meeting a lot of wedding vendors in a short amount of time.  You'll likely meet a few vendors that you'll want to make an appointment with to talk to them in more depth regarding your wedding.  Take a look at your schedule before heading to the show to get a general idea of which days or weeks you're available to schedule appointments.  Many vendors will offer a discount on their services (including Brilliant Bridal!) if you book and keep an appointment at the bridal show, so coming prepared to schedule appointments could end up saving you hundreds of dollars if not more!

5. Game time

This is going to sound a lot like advice you'd get from your mother the day before taking a big test, but don't tune us out!  (Not that you would ever tune your mom out. :) )  Make sure you get some rest before heading to a bridal show.  Eat breakfast, drink plenty of water, bring snacks with you and wear comfortable shoes!  It's amazing how being tired and hangry affects your mood and with all of the added emotions and pressures involved in planning a wedding you want to be on top of your game.  Plan to arrive earlier than you might think necessary since parking downtown can be time consuming and plan to pay for parking (bring cash!).  Aside from that, plan to have a great day, meet some amazing wedding pros and make a huge dent in your wedding planing!