Wedding Wednesday - How to Plan A Military Wedding

Wedding Wednesday - How to Plan A Military Wedding. Mobile Image

Nov 11, 2015


Happy Veteran's Day to all of those who have served our country and those still actively serving.  We at Brilliant Bridal are thankful year around for your service.  When we were thinking about how to honor our military couples today we first thought... uhhhh where do we even start.  And then we thought, wait, where do you start to plan a military wedding?  So we went on the hunt for some tips that we could share to help ease your planning process if you are currently planning a military wedding!  These tips come from a longer and super helpful article on The Knot, so if there's a question you have about your wedding that isn't answered here, make sure to go check out the full article. Scroll below the picture for a few of our favorite tips on

How to Plan A Military Wedding

how to plan a military wedding

1. Choosing a Venue

Many military weddings take place at military chapels or on academy grounds (Army, Navy, or Air Force). Most military chapels are like other in-demand ceremony sites -- you need to reserve them at least a year ahead of time, often by applying in writing to the chaplain's office.

2. Seating

Special considerations must be made when arranging the seating at a military wedding. All high-ranking officials (lieutenant, colonel, and above) must be seated in positions of honor at both the ceremony and reception.

3. Wedding Attire

If the bride is in the service, she has her choice of wearing either her military dress uniform or a traditional wedding gown. Either way, she may hold a bridal bouquet.

4. The Receiving Line

In the receiving line, protocol demands the uniformed groom to precede his bride. Often, national colors and distinguishing flags are displayed, directly behind the center of the receiving line.