Wedding Wednesday - Wine Smoothie Signature Drinks

Wedding Wednesday - Wine Smoothie Signature Drinks. Mobile Image

Sep 16, 2015


Two words that will make your summer wedding the one EVERYONE remembers... wine. smoothies.  We know, we know.  Summer is winding down (unless you're in Arizona then we have a solid 2 months left), but for those of you planning a summer 2016 wedding, you will need at least the next 12 months to perfect your wine smoothie signature drink right, right! ;)  Or maybe you're not planning a summer wedding at all, but a destination wedding to a tropical warm climate, we promise you these smoothies will keep everyone cool and totally unconcerned with how the humidity is ruining their hair for your big day. If you're new to the wine smoothie concept, never fear, we have 4 amazing recipes that you will definitely want to experiment with.  If you're trying to figure out how to keep the bar tab down at your wedding this could be a great option!  Guests will love the unique, cool drinks, you can stock up on some affordable (but not cheap!) wine at Trader Joe's or Costco, throw in some frozen fruit and voila!  A signature drink for your wedding that will keep the party going without breaking the bank.

signature drink

White Wine and Berry Smoothie

Love the simplicity of this recipe.  White wine.  Frozen berries.  Blender.  Done.

signature drink

Peach Moscato Wine Slushy

You know this one is going to be a sweet treat just by the name.  You could make your signature drink more tropical by adding or substituting mango for the peach.  Excuse us while we go whip us up a batch.

signature drink

Tropical Frozen Sangria

If you are having a beach or beach themed wedding, this signature drink will fit right in and make guests feel like they're on a Caribbean island even if they're in your dressed up backyard.

signature drink

Raspberry Red Wine Slushy with Chocolate Whipped Cream

For those of you who want to add some fancy to your fun signature drink try out this amazing concoction.  Still relatively simple and cost effective, the addition of the whipped cream takes the presentation to the next level.  Just make sure your bar tender has the necessary equipment to chill and dispense the whipped cream!