Summer Wedding Guest Style Guide

Summer Wedding Guest Style Guide. Mobile Image

Jul 20, 2016

Summer weddings can be so much fun for so many reasons! The tasty food, refreshing drinks, summertime jams. There’s no doubt that it can be hot, (especially for you Arizonans reading this!) but instead of dreading the heat, beat it with these styling tips. 

1. Break out the halter top dresses!

And don’t stop there! There are so many different shapes of sleeveless dresses sure to help you stay cool and look classy at the same time. From tank top dresses to spaghetti strap, below our a few of our favorites. Click the images to shop these styles below!

2. Say yes to the block heeled sandal…

Block heeled sandals are SO in right now. The good news about this, there are so many places you can find them at an affordable price (most of them look similar, too!). We love this sandal for many reasons. The first, they are too cute for summer. The second, they’re the perfect blend between fancy and summer casual. Pro tip: Lulu's has amazing ones at unbeatable prices! Click the link to shop these styles below!

3. Up-do’s are the way to go!

Get that hair up and out of your way. The one thing that will make you hotter when it’s already hot, is moving around, dancing, socializing, etc. To avoid this, throw your hair in a messy bun, ponytail, or braid! At the end of the night you will be so glad you chose that up-do!

4. Let us see your real skin!

Save yourself the hassle of putting on makeup just to sweat it off. Use a lightweight powder, a simple eye shadow, and finish it off with a touch of lip gloss. Bring blotting papers to freshen up throughout the day, and touch up with more powder. Let your skin breathe, and it will thank you!

5. Don’t go crazy with the jewelry...

A simple necklace and earrings will do the job and save you money when preparing your wedding assemble. Not only will it allow you to move more freely, but it decreases your chances of getting ‘hooked’ on your blind wedding date.