Summer Wedding Appetizers

Summer Wedding Appetizers. Mobile Image

Jul 13, 2016

There's only one place to look for fun summer appetizers to have at your wedding. You guessed it -Pinterest!  When it comes to selecting hors d'oeuvres, it's very important to consider the season that your wedding celebration is taking place in. For example, you wouldn't necessarily choose to serve tomato soup shooters if it's 100 degrees out! Here are some of our favorite Pinterest summer appetizers! 

1. Tortellini Pesto Skewers

First of all, anything on a skewer is a winner-- and great choice! Skewers eliminate mess, and the struggle of juggling your drink, socializing, and trying to eat standing up at the same time. These tortellini pesto skewers make for a great snack no matter when your cocktail hour is (whether it be lunch or evening). The light and fresh pesto sauce complements the sweetness in the sun dried tomatoes so wonderfully! 

2. Easy Cucumber Bites

Cucumbers can only really be described in one word: refreshing. Add a dollop of this special cream cheese mixture, top it with a cherry tomato, and you're good to go. Your guests will love munching on this tasty snack! 

3. Goat Cheese & Fruit Crostini

Bruschetta is all the rage! There are so many ways to sweeten it up, make it fancy, make it fun! This is one of our favorite recipes-- Goat Cheese & Fruit Crostini drizzled in honey. The fresh fruit screams summer, while the goat cheese pulls all the flavors together. The appetizer is so simple to make! 

4. Oven Baked Crab & Avocado Won Tons

Crab + Avocado-- need we say more? The two are notorious for being summer favorites, and together they work so perfectly! Pair these won tons with a sweet and sour dipping sauce sure to leave your guests wanting more and more!

5. Balsamic Glazed Steak Rolls

Nothing is better than a sweet steak hors d'oeuvre! The balsamic glaze is the perfect way to marinate these hearty appetizers! Serve them with tooth picks and a horse radish dipping sauce for your guests and again, you have an easy, mess-free and tasty snack!

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