Summer Wedding Makeup Tips

Summer Wedding Makeup Tips. Mobile Image

Jul 27, 2016

Whether you're a bride or a guest, summer wedding makeup can go really right or really wrong. Being in the wedding industry we have found, that in this generally hot season, the lighter the better. As a bride, a fresh subtle face is what your guests want to see. Your natural colors, combined with your radiant smile are more than enough-- we promise! Of course, there's ways to do this, while feeling confident in your natural-looking skin! We've thrown together some important summer makeup tips to remember for your special day!

1. Go light on the skin

We're big advocates for this tip in particular! Summer means heat, combined with dancing, socializing and just movin' around! Don't clog your pores. Go easy on the foundation, and touch it off with a light layer of powder-- or tell your makeup artist this is what is sensible! Say no to contouring for the day. The one exception to this, is using a light pink blush to accentuate your already gorgeous features! Let your natural beauty be seen by those who love it most.

2. Let us see your pretty eyes!

A light eye shadow will definitely do the job. Avoid dark browns and deep maroons to stay away from that beloved fall look. As far as eyeliner goes, a thin line on your top lid does volumes to brighten up your eyes! Consider using a brown liner if you have lighter eyes or skin. No need for a cat tail or harsh thick line. Something really neat you can do with your bottom eye liner, is smudge the line below your lashes. If you insist on wearing false eyelashes, don't go with extremely thick and long ones! There are plenty out there that will allow you to continue with that natural look you're going for. Remember, you can always trim them, too! 

3. Don't skip a bold brow

Thick brows have definitely made a come back in recent years. Fill them in so they're "on fleek", but stop there. No need to take a pen to them! Again, this is one type of make up that would be pretty embarrassing if it smudged off throughout the night.

4. Pretty and pink smooches!

A lot of people tend to forget the lips! The truth of the matter is, your light pink or blush lip color is going to add to your natural look! Whether you prefer a gloss or a lipstick, choose light and pink. Below are our favorite lip looks. 

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