Arizona Bridal Show Tips - Gown Sale Section

Yesterday we announced that for the first time ever, Brilliant Bridal will be participating in the gown sale section at the Arizona Bridal Show this weekend!  All of our wedding dresses will be dramatically marked down to $500 or UNDER! These bridal gown sales have a reputation for looking something like this:

arizona bridal show tips

or this:

arizona bridal show tips

and sometimes this:

arizona bridal show tips

We promise to do our very best to keep the Brilliant Bridal gown sale booth free of running, screaming moms and dress hoarding.

Whether you are planning on stopping by our sale booth or any of the other sale booths at the show this weekend we want to share some tips with you that will help give you the best chances of finding your dream dress.

Arizona Bridal Show tips

1. Wear Spanx (Or undergarments you feel comfortable being seen in!)

The dressing rooms in the gown sale section are "locker room" style.  AKA - there's no privacy.  The Brilliant Bridal Booth will have room for 4 brides at a time in our dressing room.  Each bride will get their own separate mirror and a chair for one person to accompany them into the dressing area.  Our stylists will be on hand helping you in and out of dresses, pairing accessories with your bridal gown, and being available to help as much as possible.  There will be a small seating area outside of the dressing room for guests as well.  Please note, since the dressing room is open there will be no men permitted in the dressing room area.

2. Bring friends + family that know and support what kind of dress you want

Our stylists will be on hand to help as much as possible.  But there will be many DIY aspects to the bridal gown sale booth at the Arizona Bridal Show.  This may include utilizing your friends and family to help you sift through dresses to find your dream dress.  It will be so helpful to the success of your bridal gown search if the friends and family helping you know what you're looking for and are supportive of what your looking for.  If your high drama bridesmaid just can't let go of the fact that you do not want to wear a blinged out princess ball gown dress down the aisle, she probably won't be the best person to help you find what you are looking for.

3. Know your size in bridal gowns 

There's no easy way to break this to new brides starting out on their wedding dress shopping journey: designer bridal gowns run small.  About two sizes smaller than your size in street clothes.  At Brilliant Bridal our rule of thumb is, go up two sizes from what you wear in jeans and that is going to be your starting point for your bridal gown size.  We often encourage brides to look at dresses that are quite a few sizes larger than what they are fitting into because dresses can always be taken down to fit but it's difficult to impossible to make a smaller dress bigger.

4. Know our budget

All of the gowns we will be selling in the Brilliant Bridal booth at the bridal show this weekend are being marked down to $500 and under.  Many of the other dress sellers will have great deals as well.  But every bride is at a different price point and even though a dress may be a good deal, it may not be a good deal for you.  Know your budget and don't look at dresses outside of it.  Also, make sure to consider a budget for your bridal accessories (veil, sash, jewelry, etc) and your dress alterations.  99.9% of all bridal gowns need some type of alteration to make it fit you perfectly for your big day.  This is true of dresses purchased off-the-rack and dresses that are custom ordered so regardless of where you plan to buy your dress make sure you have budgeted for alterations.

5. Bring Cash

While many sellers at the bridal show will have a way to accept credit cards, some may not, and no one will accept checks for your bridal gown purchase.  At our booth will will be accepting all major credit cards and cash.  All of the dresses sold at the bridal show are sold on a "cash and carry" basis meaning you will need to pay for your dress in full on the spot.  We will not be offering our hold or payment plans at our bridal show booth.  To be safe, bring cash!  It would be awful if you found your dream dress only to find out they won't take plastic!

We hope these Arizona Bridal Show tips are helpful in your search for "the dress".  We still have lots more to talk about this week in preparation for the show so check back here on the blog or on social media for all the details!