Bridal Show Countdown Tip #4 - Your Entourage

Just a few more days until the June Bridal Fashion Debut in Phoenix.  Make sure you stop by the Brilliant Bridal booth while you're there!  We'll be giving a huge 20% discount to all brides who book (and keep) their appointment at the bridal show!  This means big savings on our already discounted designer wedding dresses!

designer wedding dresses

Most brides like to bring friends and family to the bridal show for second opinions and to help carry all the free magazines, fliers and swag you'll collect from vendors.  Rather than inviting your entire bridal party, consider selecting just a few key people to help you navigate the bridal show.  If you have a hard time staying organized and on track, bring someone to keep you focused.  If you're more of a type A personality, bring a friend who will keep you laughing and stress free.  Bring friends who know you well and know what YOU want for your wedding and won't try to convince you their idea is better (admit it, we all have this friend).  Bottom line, remember this day is about you, your wedding and what you need to accomplish to pull it all together.  Don't feel pressured to invite a huge group to join you if it will create more stress or derail your goals for the bridal show.