Bridal Show Countdown Tip #5 - Map it Out


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Two more days until the Arizona Bridal Show (Bridal Fashion Debut) at the Convention Center in downtown Phoenix and it's time to map out your plan of attack!  Don't be fooled ladies, this isn't a leisurely stroll down aisles of wedding inspiration, this is serious business!  Above are maps of Room One (where Brilliant Bridal will be!) and the Main Floor for the bridal show.  While these maps are always subject to change they should be fairly representative of the final lay out of the show.  If there are vendors you know are attending the show that you definiately want to visit and talk with find them on the map ahead of time so you have an idea of how to plan your day out.  Click on the maps and they'll open full size in a separate tab and print them out or just make a mental note.  Don't feel like you have to wander up and down every aisle.  If there are portions of the show that don't have vendors you know you don't care to see, then skip it!  Spend your time focusing on the things you're really interested in and don't feel obligated to see absolutely everything.  Your entourage and your own feet will thank you.