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Who says that your special day has to be white as snow? Weddings are all about expressing who you and your fiance are as a couple, whether you’re funky and spunky or simple and serene. There are many creative, unique, and playful ways to include hints of your favorite colors into modern wedding fashion. You can go big and bold or subtle and understated, either way here are some of our favorite ways for making your wedding a colorful event!

mesa bridal store Image via Wedding Bee

If your bridal gown has a corset or lace-up back, a simple way to add a touch of color is to replace the matching ribbon with whatever shade your heart desires! This is an extremely easy and budget-friendly change to make. If DIY is your thing, you can purchase and sew a new ribbon yourself. We suggest treating the ribbon so you don’t end up with frayed ends. Make sure to get a large spool so you are certain you have enough material to properly wear the corset...better to have too much than not enough!  If all that just stressed you out, ask your bridal store or seamstress for some help making this happen.

Arizona bridal store Image via Jet Fete

Vivid accessories, such as this playful parasol, make for fabulous photos! This is a great “pop of color” choice for those of you who aren’t interested in moving too far away from traditional white/ivory attire. If you like the idea of a costume change without actually changing your dress (because why would you want to change out of your dream dress?!?), you can create a similar effect by adding colorful pieces for a few photos or the reception. We suggest trying colorful hair pieces, belts, or shoes, but the possibilities are endless!

chandler bridal store Image via Stephanie James Couture

If you live by the motto "Go big or go home", you can certainly go big with the addition of your favorite bright hue in the form of a petticoat. This colorful, voluminous piece will add just the right amount of sass to your wedding ensemble. Trust us, this fashion choice will really help you stand out on your big day!