Count Down to the {Grand Opening Weekend} - Day 6

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Since some of you have had your Spring tanning schedule thrown off by this cool and rainy weekend, I thought this would be a perfect time for this giveaway sneak peek.  Sarah Sanmarco has got to be one of the most well known and respected make up artists in the Phoenix Metro area.  I had heard of her name and work long before I ever had the pleasure of meeting her.  Maybe you haven't started looking for a makeup artist for your big day yet and haven't seen Sarah's name yet, but you have seen her work.  She was the amazing artist behind all of the models' makeup for our photo shoot a few months ago; the pictures from which are all over our website and store.  Sarah is generously giving away a free mobile organic spray tan at our grand opening on Saturday, April 16th which will hopefully help make up for the lack of sun exposure this weekend.  Check out the giveaway schedule below and check back with the blog tomorrow for another giveaway sneak peek!

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10:30 Giveaway Coming Soon! 2:30 Giveaway Coming Soon!
11:00 Giveaway Coming Soon! 3:00 Paper Mango Giveaway 

Package of 100 Wedding Invitation Suites

11:30 Nancy Reasoner Giveaway 

Sterling Silver and Crystal Necklace

3:30 Eventful Cookies Giveaway 

Two Dozen of the cutest cookies every for your bridal shower!

12:00 Keepsake Blossoms Giveaway 

$50.00 Gift Certificate

4:00 Keepsake Blossoms Giveaway 

Gardenia Hair Accessory

12:30 Giveaway Coming Soon! 4:30 Sarah Sanmarco Giveaway 

Mobile Organic Spray Tan!

1:00 Fit in Clouds Giveaway 

One pair of super comfy ballet flats!

5:00 Giveaway Coming Soon!
1:30 Giveaway Coming Soon! 5:30 Fit in Clouds Giveaway 

One pair of super comfy ballet flats!

2:00 Giveaway Coming Soon!