Count Down to the {Grand Opening Weekend} - Day 7

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One week!  One week from today we will be having incredible dress sales, giving away free food and over $3000.00 in prizes!  There are way more giveaways to tell you about than there are days left to talk about them so get ready for a jam packed count down post in honor of the one week pre-anniversary (is that a thing?).

Today's giveaway sneak peek has quickly become one of our favorite items at Brilliant Bridal.  I so wish I could pull an Oprah with this favorite thing and announce  "You. Are. All. Getting. Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit in Clooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooouds!!!".  But unfortunately Oprah is a billionaire and we're just getting started.  However, what I can announce is that two lucky winners at our April 16th grand opening will go home with a pair of these comfy flats.


Phoenix Wedding Dress, Mesa Wedding Dress, Tempe Wedding Dress, Scottsdale Wedding Dress


I said this was going to be a full post, right?  You ready for part two?  Here we go!  In addition to the scheduled raffle giveaways we'll be having every half hour on Saturday April 16th (see schedule below), we are also giving away amazing door buster prizes!  The first 20 brides in line before 10am will ALL receive a Brilliant Bridal gift certificate!  Two of those 20 gift certificates will be a $100.00 value and one of them will be for a whopping $500.00!  Considering most of our wedding dresses are under the $500.00 mark, this means you could very likely get your wedding dress for FREE if you're the lucky winner of this gift certificate.  Let's just go over the rules for winning these gift certificates one more time.  You must be a bride (not a mom of a bride, or a friend of a bride, but a legit bling on your finger bride.).  You must be one of the first TWENTY brides in line at Brilliant Bridal before 10am (Don't show up at 10:01 and give us puppy dog eyes.  We're already practicing being mean, which is really hard for us.)  And, I guess that's pretty much it!  So...anyone want a free wedding dress?  Let us hear from you!


10:30 Giveaway Coming Soon! 2:30 Giveaway Coming Soon!
11:00 Giveaway Coming Soon! 3:00 Paper Mango Giveaway 

Package of 100 Wedding Invitation Suites

11:30 Nancy Reasoner Giveaway 

Sterling Silver and Crystal Necklace

3:30 Eventful Cookies Giveaway 

Two Dozen of the cutest cookies every for your bridal shower!

12:00 Keepsake Blossoms Giveaway 

$50.00 Gift Certificate

4:00 Keepsake Blossoms Giveaway 

Gardenia Hair Accessory

12:30 Giveaway Coming Soon! 4:30 Giveaway Coming Soon!
1:00 Fit in Clouds Giveaway 

One pair of super comfy ballet flats!

5:00 Giveaway Coming Soon!
1:30 Giveaway Coming Soon! 5:30 Fit in Clouds Giveaway 

One pair of super comfy ballet flats!

2:00 Giveaway Coming Soon!