We Love... Colorado Weddings!

We cannot WAIT to open our newest bridal boutique in Denver so brides all along the Rocky Mountain Region can experience the great service and incredible deals that Brilliant Bridal has been offering to brides for years. As we are preparing to open our Denver location we thought we should share some reasons reasons why we LOVE Colorado weddings!

Colorado weddings

1. Ok so totally obvious, but the mountains are calling and we must go! There are amazing mountain wedding venues across Colorado that offer the perfect backdrop to any wedding. All things rustic are still a hot wedding trend and the mountains will compliment that theme beautifully.

2. If you don’t want rustic and you are not keen on being too outdoorsy get married in Denver.  The City of Denver has amazing venues, restaurants and night life that gives the city dweller fantastic options for a urban wedding.

3. Craft beer is our thing and we love it. Weddings across the state often feature local craft breweries to give their guest a literal taste of Colorado. Cheers!

4. So most people think that because we are in Colorado we must get snow all the time are we are limited to summer weddings only. The truth is that it could be 70 degrees and sunny in Colorado in March, or it could be a blizzard. The unpredictability adds all kinds of excitement to a wedding week. However, for the most part, weddings in Colorado can happen year round. In fact fall weddings in Colorado are increasing in popularity because our falls are so mild. In Colorado we are known to have over 300 days of sunshine so you don’t have to limit yourself to a certain time of year for your wedding.

From the mountains to the plains Colorado is such a perfect place to get married with any theme, style and budget.

We can’t wait to see what all our Denver Brilliant Brides do to make their Colorado weddings special given all the things our great state has to offer!