Meet the Team Monday - Claudia from Brilliant Bridal Los Angeles

Meet a bridal industry veteran that has been helping brides find their dream dress for over 17 years!  (Just imagine the wedding dress styles she's seen come and go!)

Meet Claudia from Brilliant Bridal Los Angeles!

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  1. Name? Claudia
  2. Which Brilliant Bridal location are you based at? Whittier (Los Angeles)
  3. How long have you worked in the wedding industry? 17 years
  4. What is your favorite part of working at Brilliant Bridal? Making a brides vision come to life in every way possible, by creating a memorable and pleasant experience
  5. What is your one tip for brides starting their wedding dress shopping journey? Be open to all the possibilities, and to stay true to her unique personality, trends come and go, but that one statement of a lifetime shall be all that her heart desires.
  6. If you could meet any celebrity, who would it be? Coco Chanel, Oleg Cassini, some of the greats that gave life to all that is classic and timeless elegance
  7. What is the best concert you've ever been to? I've yet to have the pleasure of attending one.
  8. Where is the one place you would love to travel to that you haven't visited before? France, home to some of the great artists, the crux of romanticism in it's architecture and culture
  9. What is your favorite wedding trend of the moment? The idea of simplicity, shabby chic, the embodiment of romanticism in its purest form, the colors, the ambiance and overall tone it inspires
  10. Who is the one wedding vendor you just love to refer brides to in your city and why? Other than ourselves? (lol) Anyone that supports and is as passionate about the same views as BB when it comes to quality customer service.