Pro planning an unforgettable wedding!


Wedding DJs are often thought of as the guys who just show up to get the party started.  Throw up some lights, put on a Justin Timberlake track (or Frank Sinatra during dinner service) and you've got a wedding reception!  What you don't see is all the behind the scenes work these entertainers do!  Your wedding DJ will be one of the few wedding professionals that walks with you through out the wedding planning process and is also present during your entire wedding event. Because they are so involved in your planning process they know a little thing or two about how to help you make your wedding awesome!  Today, Manuel from Push Play Entertainment is sharing some of his behind the scenes tips to help you plan an unforgettable wedding!

phoenix wedding dj

  1. Be yourself.  The best weddings incorporate personal touches that reflect you as a couple.  Don't get caught up in doing things the "right way" be who you are and your guests will love it!
  2. Pinterest and Etsy give couples endless unique and fun ideas.  Be careful how many of those ideas you cram into one day.  You don't want to overwhelm yourself and your guests with too much going on.
  3. Rely on wedding professionals for advice.  Very often couples who are having difficulty making decisions have asked friends and family (not wedding pros) for opinions.  Make sure to use the experts as a resource when making important wedding decisions.