Pro Tips... for Planning an Awesome Wedding by Sterling Weddings and Events


Happy Hump Day everyone!  We've got another fantastic Pro Tips.. post for you today!  Today we're hearing from Care and the team at Sterling Weddings and Events about how to plan an awesome wedding!  The Sterling team does an amazing job of making your dream wedding vision come to life.  Read below for some of their unique and practical ideas that will help you plan an awesome wedding! And don't forget, our Summertime Vendor Party is happening this Saturday at our Phoenix bridal store.  Every bride will receive an extra entry into our #winthedress contest along with giveaways and swag bags from all the vendors in attendance!

awesome wedding

  1. Instead of arranging your seating in rows, consider amphitheater style seating for your guests.  This arrangement will allow all of your guests to have a perfect view of your ceremony.
  2. Don't feel the pressure to have the same number of bridesmaids and groomsmen.  You can have your bridal party walk solo down the aisle or have one group of 3 walk together.
  3. Our couples always ask us how much to tip vendors.  We typically say 5%-10% of their fee is kind or more if they exceeded expectations.  We also recommend a very nicely written thank you note, testimonial or review.  Your kind words really go a long way for vendors.