Pro Tips... for tasty wedding reception eats!


We've all been to a wedding reception (or two, or three) where you've been served "wedding chicken".  You know, dry, tasteless, chicken!  Today Noelle from Fresh From the Kitchen is sharing her Pro Tips for serving your wedding reception guests a meal they will remember for all the RIGHT reasons! And don't forget, our #winthedress contest is still in full swing!  Make sure to check out our Facebook and Instagram tomorrow for a contest that will get you an extra entry towards winning your wedding dress for FREE!

wedding reception

  1. Hiring an inexpensive caterer may mean sacrificing on taste, quality, professionalism and service.
  2. Good caterers book quickly, so start planning early!
  3. Do a tasting.  Make sure you're happy with the taste of the food and the portion size.
  4. While interviewing caterers, ask as many questions as you can.  No questions are off limits!
  5. A good caterer will listen to your needs and keep your vision first and foremost.