Pro Tips... for wedding bouquets that won't break the bank!


We are big fans of Zuzu's Petals here at Brilliant Bridal.  They work hard to stay on top of the latest in wedding floral trends and do an amazing job of bringing your vision to life!  Today Bess from Zuzu's is sharing her top tips for getting wedding bouquets and arrangements that won't break the bank!  Read on for her behind the scenes insight and stop by again next week for more helpful Pro Tips!

wedding bouquets

  1. Take advantage of using seasonal flowers for peak beauty and affordable pricing.
  2. Be prepared at your floral appointment with your colors, style and theme in mind.  This way the florist can help you create your dream floral displays.
  3. Remember that colors in flowers vary by each stem and season.  'Lavender' or 'Coral' may look differently from week to week in a flower shop.