Pro Tips...for the Best Wedding Day Photos


This week on our Pro Tips feature we're hearing from Nikelle of Nikelle Bennett Photography on how to get the best wedding day photos!  For most couples, wedding photography is one of the most important investments you will make in planning your wedding.  Yeah, you want good food and an awesome DJ, but after the reception is over it's your pictures that will still be there!  Follow Nikelle's tips to make sure you get wedding photos you'll love looking at for years to come! And don't forget, our Summertime Vendor Party is happening this Saturday at our Mesa bridal store.  Every bride will receive an extra entry into our #winthedress contest along with giveaways and swag bags from all the vendors in attendance!

wedding photography

  1. Hire a professional photographer you trust so you won't be worried the day of if they're capturing everything.
  2. Make a list prior to your big day of all the different groups you would like photographed together (bride with siblings, groom with cousins, etc.)
  3. Work with your photographer to make a detailed timeline for all the different photos.
  4. Have fun!  Laugh a lot and enjoy your special day.