Expert Tips for Planning an Arizona Summer Wedding

We were thrilled to be featured this morning on Good Morning Arizona!  We shared a few tips for planning an Arizona summer wedding, but we have so many more that we just could squeeze in.  Read on for some great tips and links to a few favorite products.

planning an arizona summer wedding

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Let's get real – a summer wedding in Arizona may seem impossible to pull off, especially with sky rocketing temps in the 110s, even 120s! However, if your wedding date falls between the months of May – September in Arizona, do not fret! We've teamed up with Arizona's finest wedding professionals to bring you expert tips on how to rock your Arizona summer wedding! 

Summer Seasons Savings  

Since the summer is considered off-peak season in Arizona, many wedding vendors will provide savings to fill up their summer dates. Shannon Johnson of Noah's Event Center  says "Vendors are not going to advertise discounts during the summer months, but you should always ask! It's especially a slow time of year for venues, hotels and caterers and you could get some deep discounts simply by asking. She is totally right! It never hurts to ask.  

Another smart savings tip by Shannon Johnson of Noah's Event Center is to host a morning ceremony. "Hosting a wedding ceremony followed by brunch is a perfect solution to an Arizona summer wedding. For one, it's not as hot in the mornings! Venues can usually accommodate 2 events in one day that way and may pass some savings along to you. I absolutely love morning weddings. Brunch, waffles, bacon, mimosas & bloody mary's – need I say more?!  

Keep it cool  

Although the wedding mostly focuses on you & your soon to be hubby, be sure to keep your guests in mind! They're most likely going to be sitting outside for about 45 minutes for your ceremony – yikes! We suggest providing guests with items that keep them cool, while adding to your wedding aesthetic: parasols to block the shade, paper fans to create some breeze, personalized sunglasses, etc. Check out Bella Umbrella for a wide selection of adorable parasols – that you can even rent & return!  

Another Arizona summer wedding saver is having a drink station prior to the ceremony. You can serve refreshing water, tea or lemonade or provide personalized water bottles so that your guests stay hydrated during the ceremony. You can purchase your own personalized water bottle labels on The Knot here. As the bride or groom, make sure that you are staying hydrated too! Try to always have water near by, you won't want to pass out during the ceremony!   

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No melting, please! 

After spending a pretty penny on your wedding makeup, you'll want to ensure that your makeup can withstand the heat, tears & hugs! We highly suggest hiring a makeup artist that uses the airbrush technique.  Amanda with Makeup Manda says "using waterproof airbrushed foundation will keep your makeup from melting. Also, oil blotting papers are a must for an Arizona summer wedding. Give a small stack to your maid of honor to keep on hand at all times!"

Another Arizona summer wedding risk is a melting cake! I've heard SO many stories about beautiful buttercream cakes that melt to a mush even before the ceremony has started. You don't want to this happen to you! "Swiss meringue and fondant cake are frostings that will hold up well in the heat. Also, plan to cut the cake earlier than normal to avoid excessive heat" says Barbara of Let them Eat Cake. 

Lastly, you'll want to make sure your bouquet holds up in the heat! Delicate flowers like hydrangeas and roses may easily melt during the high summer temps. Sabrina with The Petal Theory suggests "selecting bouquets and florals that utilize lots of greenery tend to be heartier and withstand the heat better than more delicate flowers".  A few of our favorite florals that can withstand the heat are eucalyptus, succulents, poppy and petunias! 

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Head Up North!   

The beautiful thing about Arizona is that our state is so diverse! Beat the summer heat and head up north for a beautiful destination wedding in Arizona's high country. Imagine your wedding in the mountains of Prescott or Flagstaff, or at the stunning red rocks of Sedona – talk about stunning views!  You can't beat northern Arizona's cooler weather & beautiful green backdrops. Arizona was ranked the 2nd most popular wedding destination in 2015 and many of those weddings happened in places like Sedona and Flagstaff during the summer months. A few of our favorite venues up north are Tlaquepaque VillageAmara Resort , L'Auberge de Sedona , Foxboro Ranch Estates, and Thornager's on Kiltie Lane


Select an Indoor Wedding Venue

Although most brides opt for an outdoor wedding, there are a few venues in the Valley that can host your entire wedding indoors! A great resource to search for the perfect venue is Arizona's Finest Wedding Sites . With your indoor wedding ceremony + reception, the heat won't even phase you! You can step outside during cocktail hour to get those prime Arizona sunset shots, and party the night away in a cool, air conditioned venue! A few of our favorite indoor wedding venues are SoHo63Tre BellaWarehouse 215 & The Showcase Room.

Photo via  SoHo63

Photo via SoHo63

Chill Drinks + Eats  

As a foodie, I always love seeing photos from our bride's weddings that have out of the box food & drink! Give your guests an unexpected treat to cool them down. Lin from Tom and Lin Catering recommends their couples to "incorporate fun summer trends like boozy snow cones and infused ice cream sundaes!" Yum! A few more fun ideas are champagne popsicles, spiked iced tea, mini shrimp cocktails over dry ice or a gelato bar!

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Wedding Insurance is a Must Do 

If you're getting married in the valley during the summer months, be ready for monsoon season. I'm sure as you know, Arizona weather is completely unpredictable! Don't let a summer monsoon storm ruin your wedding. Leah Theodosis with Tremaine Ranch says "We always push our couples to purchase wedding insurance, especially if your wedding is held during an Arizona summer". Markel   or Wedsafe are two great wedding insurance options.  Wedding insurance will protect the investment that you've made for your special day. Wedding Insurance reimburses you for lost deposits and non-refundable amounts if you have to cancel or postpone your event due to unforeseen circumstances such as weather, military deployment and accidents or illnesses. Wedding cancellation protection also covers additional expenses you may incur to avoid cancelling your event, and pays for other losses or damages, such as: lost wedding rings , vendor no-shows, lost or damaged wedding gifts, damage to special event attire, lost or damaged photography or videography 


With these expert tips, you'll be able to pull off the perfect Arizona summer wedding!