To the brides effected by the closings of I Do! I Do! Bridal and Twirl Scottsdale...

First, let me say from our team at Brilliant Bridal that we're truly sorry you're having to deal with the stress of these situations during your wedding planning.  We're not in any way looking to exploit you or the situation, we simply want to reach out to you and let you know we're here to help get your wedding back on track in any way we can. We understand that Twirl Scottsdale has been contacting their customers directly and is trying to do the best they can to fulfill orders or give refunds.  Unfortunately their voice mail box is full and the email listed on their website is set to auto respond so it doesn't look like there's a good option to contact them at this point.

As for I Do! I Do! Bridal, the situation doesn't seem so clear cut at the moment.  If you ordered a dress from I Do! I Do! read this post on the Strut Bridal blog which is an incredibly helpful resource on what to do next if you have ordered a dress from I Do! I Do!.  This post on their Google Page also has some helpful information from a past customer who has done some great investigating.

If your wedding is coming up shortly and you are needing a dress faster than you can reorder one, please give us a call at Brilliant Bridal (480-897-0013) and let us know if there is anything we can do to help.  All of our wedding dresses are sold off the rack and we can work with our seamstress to turn your dress around fast if alterations are needed.  We know you've likely already lost money on one dress so we're absolutely willing to try to work with your budget and find you a beautiful wedding dress to wear down the aisle.  Again, please don't hesitate to call or email with any questions about finding a new dress.  We're here to help!