We Love... Guest Books

Raise your hand if you were really hoping to incorporate a boring guest book into your wedding plans.  Anybody?  Bueller?  Didn't think so.

Using a creative or unique guest book idea is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to add a bit of your own personality and flavor to your wedding day.

Below are three guest book ideas we love that will add a bit of fun to your wedding without breaking the bank.


Mad Libs kept me busy for hours on end during road trips as a kid and these will keep your guests occupied while you take pictures during cocktail hour.  Create a personalized Mad Libs and your guests can fill in the blanks to tell a silly story about you and your new spouse.

Mesa Wedding Dress {From Emmaline Bride}

Thumb print guest book trees have been trending recently and I love this artsy twist on the theme.  Have your guests create thumb print cartoons of them selves to record their presence and well wishes.

Mesa Wedding Dress{From Pearls Events}

In the age of DSLR's and camera phones, Polaroids are making a come back.  Have your guests take an instant photo of themselves against a cute back drop.  Provide adhesive and metallic pens and voila!  Instant photo guest book!

Mesa Wedding Dress{From Love and Lavender}