We Love...Rings for Her

When I (Melanie) got engaged I was 100% surprised and in shock.  My then husband-to-be had pulled off a massive proposal, ring and all, with out my knowledge.  In the midst of the excitement I realized I hadn't really gotten a look at the bling!  I tried to sneak a peak as we hugged, only to find out later the whole thing was being video taped by friends and family that had been assembled for a surprise engagement party, and I was totally busted.  (The guy really does surprises well!)  I was floored that with out ever having talked about rings he picked exactly (exactly!) what I wanted.  It's pretty unusual that the engagement ring is such a complete a surprise, so for all of you that are ring shopping or dropping hints to Mr. Wonderful, here are some current ring trends we love!

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend, but moissonite is your budget and the environment's best friend.  This stone is shinier than diamonds and created in a lab in the USA so not only is it  more affordable than diamonds, they are eco-friendly and conflict free.

Mesa Bridal Gowns

From Beckham Designs on Etsy

Tired of only seeing platinum and yellow gold as ring options?  If you love all things vintage and romantic, consider rose gold for your engagement ring.  It's a nice twist on the traditional ring metals with out going too far outside of the box (like our next option!).

Tempe Bridal Gowns

From One Garnet Girl on Etsy

Looking for a ring that will never get lost, you can wear during your home reno and will last a life time?  Look no further than tattooed rings.  Not gonna lie, if the hubs wasn't a needle phob I would've pushed for these.  I just love the idea of something so permanent commemorating your love.  (Not to mention we're on the second band for him after the first one ended up at the bottom of a lake during a fishing trip.)  You can personalize your design to make them as detailed and sentimental or simple as you'd like.  Just make sure it's something you're going to love 50 years down the road!

Gilbert Bridal Gowns

From Offbeat Bride

Check back next Wednesday when we'll share some fun ring options for the mister!