We Love...Wedding Favors

Weddings have undergone a dramatic evolution over the past few decades.  Morphing from stiff, traditional events to personalized, anything-goes celebrations.  Many aspects of the wedding day have grown and changed, but maybe none more so than the wedding favor.  Gone are the days of butter mints and Hershey's kisses.  Today couples indulge their guests in bottles of personalized wine, gift baskets with wedding theme related goodies or make charitable donations in their guests honor in lieu of physical trinkets.  Here are a few items we love that will express your gratitude for your guests' presence at your wedding that can be personalized to the hilt and won't break the bank. Leave it to The Martha and her wedding team to come up with these adorable dahlia wedding favors.  Inside that sweet flower shaped tissue paper is, of course, a dahlia bulb but the packaging is cute enough to hold anything you wanted to fill it with.  Find step-by-step DIY instructions here.

Phoenix Wedding Dress

From Martha Stewart Weddings


Make sure your guests leave your wedding with a sweet taste in their mouth with these cupcakes in a jar. Totally tasty, totally cute and totally budget friendly.  Collect, sanitize and recycled jars from friends and family to add an eco-friendly twist.  Visit My Cakies for DIY instructions.

Gilbert wedding dress

My Cakies via Wedding Gawker


For the audiophiles there is no better wedding favor to give (or get!) than a mix tape of favorite tunes.  Do a "his, hers, and ours" favorites playlist or if you have a fun wedding theme, pick songs reflective of that.  Need help picking an awesome wedding playlist?  Visit the Hi-Fi Weddings blog for great inspiration.

Mesa Bridal

Tempe Bridal

From Hi-Fi Weddings