Wear It to Win It - Arizona Bridal Show Giveaways


Last January we introduced our "Wear It to Win It" contest at the Arizona Bridal Show.  We thought it would be a fun way to do giveaways at the bridal show as well as giving all of the brides-to-be a fun mini-veil to wear for the day.  What we didn't know was how this contest would absolutely catch fire over the bridal show weekend! The mini-veils were a huge hit and could be seen everywhere you looked at the bridal show!  By the end of the show we were completely out of mini-veils and had had a ton of fun surprising brides with some great prizes just for being caught wearing one!

We're excited to announce that we will be bringing back our popular mini-veil contest and will have even more Arizona Bridal Show giveaways at the June 2015 bridal show this Sunday!

arizona bridal show contest

Multiple winners will be chosen on Sunday at the bridal show and you never know when our secret Brilliant Bridal spy will be out and about looking for a lucky winner!  Prizes include:

  • Date Night!  Dinner and a movie for two.
  • A super cute "Future Mrs." tank top from WarPaint Goods
  • Our bridal show exclusive "Bridal Bundle". A $150 value full of essentials for every bride!
  • A garter of your choice from our one of a kind collection.
  • AND a $100 Brilliant Bridal Gift Certificate!

So now that you're pumped about the loot, you want to know how to enter, right?  This contest literally could not be easier to enter.


  1. Stop by our Room One bridal show booth.
  2. Pick up one of our signature teal mini veils and wear it around while you're checking out the rest of the bridal show.
  3. Get "caught" wearing your veil by our super secret contest spy!
  4. Take your winner picture for social media.
  5. Celebrate being an awesome winner!

[/left] [right]arizona bridal show room one map[/right]

Our Arizona Bridal Show contest starts as soon as the doors open at 9am and goes until the doors close at 3pm.  We can't wait to see who the lucky winners are!