It's Your Wedding Dress, Go With Your Gut!

We've got some great inspiration today from Malea at our soon-to-open Denver bridal store.  Need that extra boost of confidence to say yes to your wedding dress or other big wedding planning decisions?  Read on!


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When do you stop listening to fashion advice from others and go with your gut?

I was chatting with a bride recently who had just purchased her wedding day shoes. The bride wanted to wear flat sandals since she would be getting married on the lawn of her wedding venue and didn't want to sink into the grass.  And frankly she thought flats would be the most comfortable for her all night long!  Seems reasonable right?  Well according to the store clerk at the shoe store she visited she HAD to wear heels. Without knowing the style of her gown (a ballgown) or her venue (outdoors on a lawn) the clerk insisted she wear heels stressing that she would be able to see her shoes under her gown and she would walk better/taller/more graceful in heels. The bride was talked into buying a pair of heels.

Here's the problem…there was not a chance her shoes would be seen under all the layers of her stunning ballgown.  AND, I ask you, how graceful can you be walking in heels on grass? Come on ladies you know what I mean! We have all been to a event in heels on the grass doing our darnedest not to fall over as our heels help aerate the lawn for the landscaping crew.

The bride ended up returning the shoes and finding sandals that fit her wedding dress, venue, style and comfort level.

Do yourself a favor and just go with you gut!  If you want to wear comfortable shoes then do it. If you want to wear 6” heels go for it! It is your day and you want to feel your best whatever that looks like! The same is true for your wedding dress and bridal accessories. Pick pieces that you love not just pieces someone else loves for you or thinks you should wear. You will be happiest on the day of your wedding knowing you are dressed from head to toe in things you love and feel beautiful in!

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