Wedding Wednesday - Crisis Averted: Help! We Have Wedding Family Drama!


This is week three of our month long blog series "Crisis Averted!"  If you are planning a wedding, it’s probably safe to say that you are feeling the pressure. There are so many little details to consider, it can make even the most type-A personality feel disorganized! As if the actual wedding details aren’t enough, there always seems to be underlying budget, family, friend or vendor drama surrounding an upcoming marriage. Don’t worry, though, because we are dedicating the whole month of November to sharing our advice on handling some common wedding issues. Hopefully our tips and tricks can help make this sometimes stressful experience a little easier!

 11-6 Crisis Averted week 1

Help! Our Families Don't Get Along!

Weddings are emotional, life-changing events, and families love to be there to join the celebration.   With today's modern families coming together via marriage you can take your pick from hot button issues like politics, religion, divorce and socio-economic status that can lead to serious wedding family drama.  If the two families do not always mesh well; the bride and groom can be more worried about their family’s happiness than enjoying their special day.

If you think that your wedding may include some tension between groups, take advantage of utilizing an assigned seating chart for the reception. Seating charts keep those who get along well in close proximity and creates distance among those who may not. It requires some extra work on your part, but keeping the peace at your wedding is well worth it!

Join us again next Wednesday for the fourth and final installment of our Crisis Averted series!