We Love... Wedding Nails!


bling wedding nails

There are so many grooming and beauty details to remember for weddings, but one element you simply cannot overlook is your wedding nails! Nail color and art is extremely trendy right now in the world of fashion and it has carried over into wedding and bridal style, too. Whether you are the bride, a bridesmaid, or simply an honored guest, here are some of our tips to achieve the perfect modern nail look for your event.

bridesmaid wedding nails

Bridesmaids usually have more freedom in the nail color department. We love seeing bridal party nails that match the color scheme, like shown above. If the bridesmaids have matching dresses, you may consider matching nail color, too, so the overall look is consistent. Don’t be afraid to go bold; it often looks really fun and makes for great photos!

bridal wedding nails Image via Nailed It

Brides, please, step away from the french tips! You can achieve an elegant and classic bridal nail look by wearing a nude or pastel shade that complements your skin tone and wedding color palette. If you want to spice things up a little, add a light glitter gradient or accent nail. Keep in mind that less is more; you want all eyes on you, not your fingers!

wedding guest wedding nails

As a wedding guest, you should avoid wearing colors that call for too much attention. It’s all about the bride, after all! Instead, wear classic reds, pinks, nudes, or dark formal colors. If you would wear it to a formal dinner party, you are safe to wear it to the wedding. Keep in mind that these rules are flexible depending on the theme, time, place, and overall feel of the event.