Wedding Wednesday - How to Choose Your Bridesmaid Dresses


So you've found the dress.  Now it's time to find their dresses!  But where do you even start?  You have to pick a color, a style, a silhouette, a skirt length, a price point and all for your highly opinionated friends and sisters??? Don't give up and elope just yet.  We love these 5 tips from Real Simple on how to choose your bridesmaid dresses.  Read below for a few of our favorite highlights from this helpful article.

How To Choose Your Bridesmaid Dresses

how to choose your bridesmaid dresses Image via The Knot

  1. Start with your wedding dress.  If you’re wearing a flowy, bohemian lace dress, your maids might look out of place in formal taffeta dresses.
  2. Consider skin tones when selecting your bridesmaids' dress color.  If you’ve got a range of fair, olive, and dark skin tones, make sure the dress color flatters all.
  3. Plan for the time of year and the time of day.  Black dresses could be perfect for November but a little forced for an outdoor, mid-day ceremony.
  4. Allow your bridesmaid's some say in the matter.  Look for brands that offer similar dresses with different necklines, for example.
  5. You can't please everyone!  Keep an open mind and be understanding, but your bridesmaids are there to support you and should (ideally) work with your vision.

And if you haven't even checked #1 off your list yet make sure to schedule an appointment at one of our five Brilliant Bridal locations.  Our experienced bridal stylists will help you find the perfect wedding dress for your wedding theme, venue location, body type and (of course) your wedding budget!  Your bridal gown really is the cornerstone of the wedding planning process and once you've found the perfect gown every other wedding day decision can start to fall in to place!