Wedding Wednesday | How to Choose Your Wedding Venue


We hear it all the time, the first two wedding planning decisions couples make after getting engaged involve their wedding venue and the wedding dress.  But where do you even start working through which venue will be right for your big day?  (Obviously you know where to come for help with the dress ;) )  We love this article about how to choose your wedding venue from Here Comes the Guide that walks newly engaged couples through everything from thinking through your venue's parking situation to bad weather back ups to making sure the contract you're signing is on the up and up.  Read below the jump for a few highlights and visit Here Comes the Guide for the full article.

how to choose a wedding venue

How to Choose your Wedding Venue

  1. There’s no reason why you can’t have your wedding in a spot that’s off the beaten path. Just remember that if you’re planning a wedding that’s not local, a venue’s on-site coordinator or a wedding planner will really help, they are experienced in handling destination events and can be a great asset.
  2. Instead of going to every. single. open. house , identify the geographical area and the most important elements of your dream wedding before you start looking for a venue, to narrow down your search.
  3. Do you have children, seniors or disabled guests, vegetarians or folks who need kosher food on your list?  It’s essential that you identify the special factors that are important for your event before signing a contract.
  4. If you have concerns about the on site wedding coordinator, catering manager or any other staff at a potential wedding venue, you need to resolve them before embarking on a working relationship with these folks—no matter how wonderful the facility itself is.