Wedding Wednesday - How to Entertain Kids at your Wedding


So you're trying to figure out what to do with all the kids at your wedding.  For whatever reason you can't enforce a kid free wedding, or perhaps you really want to have all your family and friend's kiddos hanging out on the big day regardless it's good to put some thought into how to entertain the littles during what can be (for them) a long and boring day. We love this article from BuzzFeed Weddings with loooooads of ideas for wrangling, including and entertaining kids at your wedding.  Read on for a few of our favorite highlights from their lengthy list then hop over to their website for the rest of their ideas.

How to Entertain Kids at Your Wedding

kids at your wedding

  1. Wrangle them together in a super awesome kids only tent

kids at your wedding

All kids love tents.  Heck, adults love tents because they make us feel like kids again.  If you are having an outdoor wedding and your theme suits it, make a space for a super awesome kids only tent.  Or if your wedding is indoors see if your venue has an adjoining room you could turn into a kids only zone.

2. Created individualized activity boxes full of "new to them" kid stuff.

kids at your wedding

This maybe impractical if you have a large group of kiddos but if there's just a couple that you are super close with (think niece, nephew, etc.) this could be a really fun way to make them feel extra special at your big day and keep them entertained.

3. Give them a special drink to toast with!

kids at your wedding

No one likes feeling left out!  So unless you're getting married in Europe where everyone drinks wine right out of the womb (j/k), give your mini guests something fun to toast with too!  We love this milk and cookies idea, but you could also opt for chocolate milk, or sparkling cider so it their drink looks like an adult beverage.  Just make sure the waiters know the difference!

4. Let them add some ambiance with bubbles!

kids at your wedding

How adorable is this bubble station!  Again, probably only a good idea if at least part of your wedding is outside, but this super inexpensive idea will keep kids busy for hours.  And then when your "big" guests have overdone it at the open bar, it will keep them busy too! :)  Consider including some wet wipes at the station to help clean up the inevitable soapy spills.

5.  A photo scavenger hunt!

kids at your wedding

Ok we totally saved our favorite for last!  If the kids at your wedding are a bit older, say 8 and up, this photo scavenger hunt is a fantastic idea!  Think of different activities they will have to capture throughout the night to keep them engaged for the duration.  If you wanted to get real fancy, give them a special hashtag for Instagram so everyone can see their handiwork!