Wedding Wednesday - How to Get People Dancing at Your Wedding


  how to get people dancing at your wedding

Unless you have the best bridesmaids ever, sometimes it takes a bit of prodding to get everyone up and dancing at your wedding reception.  If you're dreaming of throwing the party of the century to celebrate your nuptials, read on for some great tips and links to articles on how to get people dancing at your wedding!

How to Get People Dancing at Your Wedding

how to get people dancing at your wedding {Image via Brides Magazine}

Here's a few highlights from a fantastic article on The Knot on how to get people dancing at your wedding.  Hop on over and check out their full article for some more great ideas!

1. Keep the First Dance Brief

The first dance (along with the mother/son and father/daughter dances) is no doubt special, buuuuuuut, unless you have some amazing Dancing with the Stars number up your sleeve, it's not all that exciting for the majority of your guests.  Ask your DJ what a good length is for these special dances to appropriately honor the moment while keeping things moving along.  And speaking of DJ's...

2. Skip the iPod

We promise you, there is a good DJ available within your budget!  Or maybe consider cutting back in another wedding category to be able to afford a DJ that will really get the party going. (We'll obviously help you save tons on the wedding dress!)

3. Don't limit the genre (or the generation!)

Maybe your grandparents really want to get out and boogy and having an oldie but goodie or two mixed in will get them moving! Including your favorite genre at your wedding is fine (in fact, you should!) but do so in moderation.

A couple other great articles with great advice on this topic are How to Keep the Dance Floor Packed at Your Wedding from Brides Magazine and this great line up of 14 DJ approved dance songs to get people dancing from HuffPo