Wedding Wednesday - How to Plan a Thanksgiving Wedding


We don't know about you, but Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays here at Brilliant Bridal.  Mainly because we truly have so much to be thankful for and we love that we get a day to reflect on that. But also, the food.  Let's be honest, right about now we're all craving some turkey, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie.  We all know how to prepare for a Thanksgiving meal: buy all the food and wear yoga pants.  But what if you're wanting to plan a Thanksgiving wedding? Whether on the day itself, or on sometime over the holiday weekend, there can be some tricky things to consider if you want to celebrate your big day around Turkey Day.  Read on for some tips and links from around the interwebs if you're considering planning a Thanksgiving Day wedding.

How to Plan a Thanksgiving Wedding

 How to Plan a Thanksgiving wedding

1. Announce the date for the wedding as early as possible, so that guests can make their plans. Send out an announcement or write guests individually to let them know that an invitation will be forthcoming, so that they can save the date and make necessary advance plans. Understand that not all guests will be able to attend the holiday weekend wedding. There will always be schedule conflicts, not matter what date you choose, but expect more than average with a holiday wedding. Some people will just not be able to attend, so do not get hurt feelings if guests decline the invitation.

2. Plan for unpredictable weather.  Unless you live in Arizona where November is literally the best month of the year - don't plan a 100% outdoor event.  If you think you can beat the odds with an outdoor ceremony or reception, at least have a back up plan.

3. Show your gratitude. A Thanksgiving wedding is the perfect occasion to truly honor your guests and express your love for friends and family.  Ask people giving formal toasts to briefly include something they are thankful for and end the toasts with the bride and groom thanking the guests for celebrating with them.

4. Oh so many wonderful decor options.  Please though, don't go crazy with pumpkins, fall leaves and turkey's.  Add subtle nods to the holiday here and there to keep things elegant and classy.

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