Wedding Wednesday - I'm Engaged! Now What? - Week 3

Well take a look at that gorgeous ring of yours! Congratulations on your engagement! Before you walk down the aisle, you will stroll hand-in-hand down wedding planning road with your future hubby and we couldn’t be more excited for you! One of our primary goals here at Brilliant Bridal is to educate and empower our brides and grooms to make the right wedding planning decisions at the right time. Since there are so many newly engaged couples this time of year trying to figure out where to start now that they've said "yes" we are going to be doing a 5 week Wedding Wednesday blog series to help you get started in the right direction!

wedding planning

Modern weddings are all about sharing you and your fiance's unique interests with your friends and family.  As you are just starting your wedding planning process, this is the time for the two of you to

dream about themes!

Maybe you are both are a nature-loving, outdoorsy couple who would like flora and fauna reflected in your wedding details. On the other hand, you both also might enjoy a formal night out on the town every now and again and love the thought of a black tie affair. Or maybe your love for the 1940’s is tugging at your heartstrings. Now is the time for you and your groom to imagine many different themes and styles for your upcoming wedding! Discuss your ideas and inspiration with your guy and it will help you identify exactly how you both would like your wedding to be.

Need some help getting the creative juices flowing?  May we suggest a little site called, Pinterest.  Don't just look at the general wedding category, follow boards of wedding blogs, planners, photographers and other wedding pro's who's work or aesthetic you love.  In addition to Pinterest we love Arizona Weddings  for weddings with local desert flair as well as Wedding Gawker for links to unique wedding blogs.

Don't forget to visit us back here next Wednesday for week 4 of our "I'm Engaged!  Now What?" series!