Wedding Wednesday - Use Your Wedding to Pay it Forward


In the midst of wedding planning, brides and grooms receive endless love and attention from their friends, family, and vendors. Planning such a big event is a tough job, so those that offer their helping hands make a huge impact on the couple. What better way is there to show your appreciation than to pay that same kindness forward on your big day to those less fortunate? Here are a few of our top suggestions to make a difference on your big day.

wedding favor

Charity Wedding Favors

Your guests will feel honored to have a special donation made to your favorite charity in their name! You and your fiance should choose an organization that has special meaning to you both. For example, if you are serious animal lovers, consider making a donation to a local Humane Society or service dog organization. Your donation is sufficient enough to act as a wedding favor as long as you let your guests know with a sign at the reception or announcement in the wedding program. However, if you simply can’t do without your adorable candy buffet, feel free to offer both as favors! The more, the merrier!

Donate Your Wedding Flowers

The gorgeous, live flowers at your ceremony and reception have a short life, so why not send them somewhere to be enjoyed by others? Have a trusted family member or friend be responsible for taking your floral decor to a local hospital, nursing home, or hospice house the morning after your wedding. You’ve already had the chance to enjoy their beauty; sending your flowers to others in need will brighten their day!

Charitable Gifts Registry

If you and your fiance already have all the essentials and don’t need a brand new toaster, consider creating a charity registry through the I Do Foundation. This online gift registry allows you to choose what organizations your guests can give to in honor of your new marriage.

Wear TOMS shoes

For every pair of TOMS shoes sold a pair is donated to children living in poverty. Not only are the shoes adorable, but they are incredibly comfortable, too! They come in a multitude of colors and fabrics, and even have a wedding specific line so something will be sure to suit your style! This is one of the easiest ways to make a positive impact with your wedding; all you have to do is buy a pair of shoes!