Wedding Wednesday - Wedding Cakes and Desserts


phoenix wedding cakes

Mmmm wedding cake. This tried-and-true wedding ritual has lasted many centuries; scholars have tracked the roots of the tradition as far back as Ancient Rome. Originally, these tasty treats were believed to bring good luck to the new couple as well as their guests. In modern times, some brides have pushed the limits and experimented with unique options while other brides keep it classic.  Today we share some traditional takes on wedding cake as well as some great wedding dessert alternatives if cake doesn't cut it for you and your fiance.

Traditional Wedding Cake

traditional wedding cake

The traditional stacked wedding cake has gotten a makeover recently! Many brides and grooms are opting for this traditional style of cake with modern details. We’ve been loving cakes with clean lines, geometric shapes, textured finishes, and minimalistic details for 2014.

Wedding Cupcakes

wedding cupcake

Couples looking to break the wedding cake mold without straying too far from tradition have been offering cupcakes to their guests instead of a large (and difficult to cut) tiered wedding cake. You can get quite creative with a cupcake display; be sure to play with different colors, levels, and props to tie in with your wedding theme.

Wedding Cake Pops

wedding cake pops

Cake pops are another unique option for non-traditional couples. Feel free to play with multiple colors and flavors to excite your guests and your tastebuds! These are also great to add into a larger dessert bar which is a popular wedding dessert trend.  For Phoenix area couples we can't get enough of the wedding cake pops from Frosted by J.

Wedding Cake Alternatives

wedding cake alternatives

Some of you may not be a big fan of cake, so why would you want to eat it to celebrate your wedding?  There is no end to the wedding cake alternatives available today.  We’ve noticed brides and grooms offering pies, cheesecakes, cookies (or our favorite) a gelato bar in lieu of cake.  Not only do guests seem to be just as happy with the substitute, it can be a welcome break for those attending multiple receptions this wedding season.