How to Achieve the Perfect Bridal Look

Having the perfect bridal look for your big day takes months of preparation, just like planning your wedding. Below we’re going to walk you through the steps of achieving the perfect bridal look via skin prep and also if you choose to do your bridal makeup on your own!

The first important step is starting with your skin. Your skin is the base of the makeup, so you’ll want to make sure your skin is on point! It is becoming more popular for brides to get a facial or series of facials before their special day. This will ensure your skin is exfoliated, healthy and glowing for a seamless makeup application!  Another option to get fresh, dewy skin is to get a spray tan or visit the tanning bed!

Don’t forget to whiten your teeth, too. You’ll want to make sure you have pearly white teeth. You can schedule an appointment  your dentist or use Crest White Strips {the best white strips they sell in the store and you can see a difference almost immediately}.  

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Now let’s talk about your bridal makeup if you’re hiring a makeup artist. (DIY makeup brides - don't worry - we've got tips for you below!) Take it from us – do not skip your bridal makeup trial! Most makeup artists require a trial, and we agree 100%! Waiting until your wedding day to see your bridal makeup for the first time is a huge no no. With the bridal makeup trail, you can see how your makeup looks in natural lights vs. photography lighting, etc.   

The most important makeup tip is for your makeup to stay neutral and natural. You don’t want to try new looks like bright eye shadow or a bold lip that is too dark on your wedding day.  You want to look {and feel} comfortable and enhance your natural beauty. Extreme looks can also take away and distract from your wedding’s other elements which you don’t want to do. Of course every bride has her own style, but we recommend sticking to light and carefree makeup styles.

Because we may or may not be makeup collectors {hoarders} , let’s talk about must have makeup products if you’re doing your own makeup for your wedding day!

First, make sure to have concealer and primer on deck for last minute break outs or dark circles caused from a little wedding planning stress. Having a good foundation is also essential for a long day of festivities. These products will make your skin look smooth, clear and flawless.

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Another necessary product is waterproof mascara. Your wedding is a day full of emotions and it is normal to expect some happy tears here and there. Therefore, waterproof mascara will ensure that your makeup will stay on and not streak down your face. If you plan on wearing false lashes to add some volume, remember that the glue might loosen with tears. Make sure you still have a good waterproof mascara on hand for any emergencies.

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** Pro Tip** Use the 'Alyssa #2' lashes in layers, starting from the inside and working your way out to achieve a more natural look! 

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Finally, all brides should complete their makeup look with setting spray. The setting spray will hold all of the makeup in place throughout hugs, tears, dancing and a few glasses of champagne ;).

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Of course, touch ups will be necessary throughout the day as you will probably be crying, eating, kissing, smiling, dancing, etc. So be sure that you have an emergency kit with blotting papers, loose powder and your lipstick!


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