Brides, Brunch + Bubbly

Getting engaged leads to a string of celebrations from the engagement party to the bridal shower, and then the bachelorette party to the rehearsal dinner, and finally the wedding! With so many parties to plan and the rising popularity of brunch, you're bound to throw at least one mid-morning festivity. And when you do, we'll have all the inspiration you'll need to throw the most memorable brunch event! 

Oh brunch, just thinking about you makes our stomachs growl. With your crispy bacon and fluffly pancakes, and lets not forget about your bottomless mimosas! There are just so many options for food, and you can easily dress your event up or down. Plus, your guests won't have the same expectations as they do for a dinner party, so you can keep or throw out as many wedding traditions as you want. 

Keep scrolling for some of our favorite brunch trends. Plus, some helpful tips at the very end! 

Food Bars

Food bars are the most ingenious party trend! They let your guests pick and choose toppings and take food customization to the next level! We found pictures of some of our favorite brunch food bars, but the options are endless. Just pick your favorite food, deconstruct it, add in some extra toppings, and give your guests the fun of creating a masterpiece. 

6am Happy Hour

Who says 6 am can't be happy hour? Set up a gourmet bar space where guests can mix fruit, juice and champagne together to create their own signature cocktail. With all of the ingredients separated, even your youngest guests can still have fun making mixing their own drink. Just be sure to include some seltzer water as an option! 

Don't Forget the Caffeine 

We probably should have talked about this first, but make sure coffee is available to your guests, as soon as they arrive to keep your party going strong! For an extra special touch, have your coffee sleeves personalized with your wedding hashtag or a fun saying like "love is brewing." 

Upgrade to Donuts

Now, we are all for wedding cakes, but we've seen a huge rise in the use of donuts as the wedding desert! There are donut cakes, donut walls, donut towers, donut skewers.. the list goes on and on. One reason, donuts may have become so popular is that they are significantly less expensive than wedding cakes.


1. Typically plan to host your brunch between 11 - 2 pm. If you think you want to go earlier, we'd recommend not starting before 10 am (consider your vendors setting up and guests traveling to the event). 

2. Guests may not have eaten before arriving, so don't keep them waiting too long for food. -She Said YES

3. ^ You'll want to keep food accessible to your guests before you bring on the bubby! - She Said YES

4. Brunch celebrations are definitely becoming more popular, but don't be afraid to ask your vendors for a discount. Most often you are filling a time that wouldn't otherwise be booked. - Brides Who Brunch

5.  Keep the decorations simple because no one will be expecting over-the-top centerpieces and dramatic uplighting. - Buzzfeed

Bonus: The beauty of brunch is that you can wake up get ready for the party, celebrate and relax and enjoy the rest of your day. You don't have to stress about the little details throughout the day, as opposed to an event in the afternoon or evening. - Brides Who Brunch

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