5 Ways to Reuse Your Dress After the Big Day

When you invest in something as expensive as a wedding dress, putting it away forever after the big day can be upsetting. BUT, we have some great ideas if you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck!


Did you know you can take your dress to a seamstress and save pieces of satin, lace, beading, and tulle to repurpose? Turning your dress into something useful like a clutch, bag, or pillow will help you cherish the memories of your wedding daily. There are endless creative possibilities, it all depends what type of keepsake you’re interested in. 💍


Maybe you’re not as attached to your dress as you thought you would be and love the idea of getting some cash back to put towards your honeymoon, a new house, or a car. 💸There are plenty of platforms online to get back a reasonable amount of cash for your dress like Still White or Tradesy!


There are plenty of ways to destroy your dress, but the key is to make sure it’s captured on film! 📸 One of the most popular trash it, is taking your dress to the ocean. Tropical water and sandy beaches are the perfect backdrop for this occasion. 🌊Consider bringing your dress with you on your honeymoon! A luxury cruise with fun destinations is a great choice, if you are still researching into options. That way, when the ship docks at one of the stops along the way, you can have a gorgeous photoshoot in the ocean!





Donating your wedding gown is quicker than sell and goes towards a greater good. 💙Consider giving your wedding dress to someone who needs it instead of letting it take up unnecessary space in your closet. Plus, you’ll feel good that your investment is being put to good use!


There may come a day when you have a daughter, niece, or granddaughter that is planning her wedding. Saving your dress could provide her the option to use yours and alter it to her liking, going down the aisle with an extra touch of sentiment. It’s never a bad idea to preserve it just in case!




There are endless ideas for your wedding dress after you get married. 👰Rather than throwing it in a closest never to be seen again, consider these ideas to make the most of a very special piece to your wedding day. It would feel great to have the dress live on!

Creative Wedding Table Favors

During your wedding, guests will be bouncing between their reception table, bar, and dance floor. The bar offers them spirits 🍷 and the dance floor brings good times. 💃But what about the reception table?  Yes, there is the food, but creative wedding favors are a great way to make your reception tables sparkle. ✨

Believe it or not, your guests will spend most of their time at your wedding at their reception table.  This is why it is crucial to aesthetically design each one. You want your wedding guests to smile on first arrival and what better way than to offer them a unique wedding favor gift as they find their seats. 🎁 Putting a distinctive touch to your wedding tables will make your big day truly exceptional.

Here are a few creative wedding favor options for your reception tables:

Mr. & Mrs. Personalized Wine Stoppers

Cheers to the new Mr. and Mrs.! 🍾 These beautiful and unique Mr. and Mrs. Gold bottle stopper favors are available in a classy and fun black polka dot design that is perfect for favors at a wedding or engagement party.  Add your own special details and you've got a great guest favor! 

Customized Bottle Openers

Make it easy for your guests to open up their wine bottles with this rustic-inspired bottle opener. 🍷 Designed with the phrase "Eat, Drink and Be Married" together with your names and the date of your wedding in a lovely faux vintage chalk design.  These palm-perfect bottle openers simply make the best wedding favors for your rustic inspired wedding. 

Bear Hugs Salt & Pepper Shakers

Be sure to keep adding a little flavor to your guests’ lives long after your big day is over. These bear-shaped salt & pepper shakers will be sure to remind your guests of the love you and your groom share for years to come. 💍

Featuring high-quality porcelain and a locked “bear hug” style, the Bear Hug Salt & Pepper Shakers make a sweet addition to any dining table.  This comes in a beautiful gift box for easy gift-giving. ❤️

Personalized Foil Playing Cards

Young or old, male or female, a deck of cards is a crowd-pleasing wedding favor for anyone. ♠️These personalized playing cards are such a great “deal,” you’ll want to get enough for every single one of your wedding guests!

The Personalized Foil Playing Cards can be endlessly customized to perfectly fit the theme of your dream wedding.  With 11 vibrant metallic colors, 19 wedding designs and 12 other themed designs to choose from, you’re certain to find a perfect combination.

Luminous Tea Lantern

This decorative lantern is skillfully crafted using matte-black metal and glass.  🕯This luminous tea lantern is perfect for creating the romantic ambiance you would like to achieve for your wedding.  Guests would be glad to bring this mini lantern and recreate that special moment they will always remember when they get home. 

Sand and Shell Tea Candle

What brought you to the beach for your wedding?  The sun glistening on the sand? The thousands of seashells scattered along the shore?  The gentle sounds of the surf? The salty air and cool ocean breeze? 🏝The "Sand and Shell" Tea Light Holder wedding favor lets your guests take home a reminder of everything that was wonderful about your once-in-a-lifetime day. 🌊

Other Wedding Gift Ideas

Along with reception table gifts, we have scoured the Web for some great Bridesmaid and Groomsmen gift ideas.  Both online shops offer a wide variety of unique personalized gifts for all of the loved ones who will make your wedding day special.  And don’t forget your parents and grandparents! They’ve supported you every step of the way. Check out this site for gifts for older wedding guests. 💙

Adventure Elopement

Somewhere in the chaos of wedding planning, don't you ever imagine running off just the two of you? Wind in your hair without a care in the world - you, your partner and an unforgettable view. 😍

Adventure eloping is reshaping the wedding industry by emphasizing the love between a couple with a creative twist. It's a chance to say "I Do" at the top of your favorite mountain, or hop on a plane to an unfamiliar destination. 🗻 But, wherever love takes you, just remember there are ways to have your dream day without the stress of people pleasing. 🙌Keep scrolling to see if eloping is for you!



Savor the Moment

With the crazy amount of options for weddings these days, people tend to get caught up in the world of decorating, color coordinating and people pleasing. We forget that our weddings are meant for celebrating the love we share with our partner - not necessarily the tablescapes and what Aunt Suzy is wearing. 🤷‍♀️For some, that’s exactly what they want and should do it! For others, wedding planning can be overwhelming. Eloping helps you savor the moment without the need to please those around you.

Pay for Experiences not Things

Let’s face it, weddings are expensive. 💰 If you’re a travel bug and don’t really care about all the little details that go in to planning your wedding day -then pack that bag and go elope at a destination that you and your fiancé will never forget.




The best part about adventure eloping is that you don’t have to follow a list of venues - you can literally choose to say “I Do” anywhere your heart desires! ✈️Want to get married on the edge of a cliff in Sedona? Do it. Are you and fiancé dying to see Iceland? Go elope there. Want to say “I Do” in the middle of a forest? Well then, you better hike up your dress and go marry that fiancé of yours! 💍

Not only will your photos be epic, but you’re escaping the norm and doing what’s you.

That being said, check online for the state or country you chose your location in to finalize all the legal details. Some National Parks require a small fee. Out of the country elopements tend to require a fee and documentation.





Typically, when you hear the word “eloping” people assume you’re going to the court house. Today, eloping is so much more than that. Don’t skimp on your big day just because you’re eloping. You can still go all out with an elaborate dress, florals, backdrop and even cake! 🍰Adventure eloping is meant for escaping the traditional wedding and making it your own!



Desert Elopement

Tips For Planning A Summer Wedding

Let's get real – a summer wedding in Arizona may seem impossible to pull off, especially with skyrocketing temps in the 100s. However, if your wedding date falls between the months of May – September in Arizona, do not fret! We've teamed up with Arizona's finest wedding professionals to bring you expert tips on how to rock an Arizona summer wedding!  ☀️

Summer Seasons Savings  

Since the summer is considered the off-peak season in Arizona, many wedding vendors will provide savings to fill up their summer dates. Shannon Johnson of Noah's Event Center says, "Vendors are not going to advertise discounts during the summer months, but you should always ask! It's especially a slow time of year for venues, hotels, and caterers; you could definitely get some deep discounts simply by asking.” She is totally right! It never hurts to ask.  

Another smart savings tip by Shannon Johnson of Noah's Event Center is to host a morning ceremony. "Hosting a wedding ceremony followed by brunch is a perfect solution to an Arizona summer wedding. For one, it's not as hot in the mornings! Venues can usually accommodate 2 events in one day that way and may pass some savings along to you. I absolutely love morning weddings. Brunch, waffles, bacon, mimosas & bloody marys – need I say more?!”

Keep it Cool  

Although the wedding mostly focuses on you & your soon to be hubby, be sure to keep your guests in mind! They're most likely going to be sitting outside for about 45 minutes for your ceremony – yikes! We suggest providing guests with items that keep them cool while adding to your wedding aesthetic: parasols to block the shade, paper fans to create some breeze, personalized sunglasses, etc. Check out Bella Umbrella for a wide selection of adorable parasols – that you can even rent & return!  ⛱

Another Arizona summer wedding saver is having a drink station prior to the ceremony. You can serve refreshing water, tea, lemonade or even provide personalized water bottles! You can purchase your own personalized water bottle labels on The Knot. As the bride or groom, make sure that you are staying hydrated too! Try to always have water nearby, you won't want to pass out during the ceremony! 🍹

No melting, please! 

After spending a pretty penny on your wedding makeup, you'll want to ensure that your makeup can withstand the heat, tears & hugs! We highly suggest hiring a makeup artist that uses the airbrush technique.  Amanda with Makeup Manda says, "Using waterproof airbrushed foundation will keep your makeup from melting. Also, oil blotting papers are a must for an Arizona summer wedding. Give a small stack to your maid of honor to keep on hand at all times!" 💋

Another thing you'll want to make sure holds up is your bouquet. 🌸 Delicate flowers like hydrangeas and roses may easily melt during the high summer temps. Sabrina with The Petal Theory suggests that "selecting bouquets and florals that utilize lots of greenery tend to be heartier and withstand the heat better than more delicate flowers".  A few of our favorite florals that can manage the heat are eucalyptus, succulents, poppies, and petunias! 🌿

Head Up North!   

The beautiful thing about Arizona is that is it so diverse! Beat the summer heat and head up north for a beautiful destination wedding in Arizona's high country. 🗻 Imagine your wedding in the mountains of Prescott or Flagstaff, or at the stunning red rocks of Sedona – talk about the views! A few of our favorite venues up north are Tlaquepaque VillageAmara ResortL'Auberge de Sedona, Foxboro Ranch Estates, and Thornager's on Kiltie Lane. 🧡

 Select an Indoor Wedding Venue

Although most brides opt for an outdoor wedding, there are a few venues in the Valley that can host your entire wedding indoors! A great resource to search for the perfect venue is Arizona's Finest Wedding Sites. With your indoor wedding ceremony + reception, the heat won't even phase you! You can step outside during cocktail hour to get those prime Arizona sunset shots and then party the night away in a cool, air-conditioned venue! A few of our favorite indoor wedding venues are SoHo63Tre BellaWarehouse 215 & The Showcase Room. 😍

Chill Drinks + Eats  

Give your guests an unexpected treat to cool them down on your wedding day. 🍉Lin from Tom and Lin Catering recommends their couples to "incorporate fun summer trends like boozy snow cones and infused ice cream sundaes!" A few more fun ideas are champagne popsicles, spiked iced tea, mini shrimp cocktails over dry ice, like YUM!

Wedding Insurance is a Must

If you're getting married in the valley during the summer months, be ready for monsoon season. As you know, Arizona weather is completely unpredictable! Don't let a summer monsoon storm ruin your wedding. Leah Theodosis with Tremaine Ranch says, "We always push our couples to purchase wedding insurance, especially if your wedding is held during an Arizona summer". Markel or Wedsafe are two great wedding insurance options that will protect the investment that you've made for your special day. Wedding Insurance reimburses you for lost deposits and non-refundable amounts if you have to cancel or postpone your event due to unforeseen circumstances. Wedding cancellation protection also covers additional expenses you may incur to avoid canceling your event and pays for other losses or damages, such as lost wedding rings, vendor no-shows, lost or damaged wedding gifts, damage to special event attire, etc. Being prepared is a must! 🙌

With these expert tips, you'll be able to pull off the perfect Arizona summer wedding! ☀️

5 New Bridesmaid Dress Trends of 2019

When it comes to planning your wedding, you want everyone to look their best. One of the biggest challenges for brides is deciding how to style your bridesmaids. These are the women who’ve been with you through it all, and you want to make sure they feel happy and confident on your big day as well. ✨

Being a bridesmaid is a big honor, so let’s make sure your girls feel dressed for the occasion. Bridesmaid’s dresses have a bit of a reputation. Many people immediately assume they’re meant to help the bride herself look better. In reality, this is rarely the case. Most brides do their best to find a fashion and style that suits all of her leading ladies. 👏So let’s take a look at some of the hottest bridesmaid dress trends of 2019!

1. Dusty Rose Gowns

Dusty Rose is the new and improved millennial pink. While pale pink was all the rage last year and rose gold before that, dusty rose is the new trend of the moment. 🌷Dusty rose is a darker, bolder pink that isn’t afraid to stand out. Even better, this color looks great with all skin tones, hair colors, and it helps the bride stand out in her white gown.

2. Minimalist Dresses

Say goodbye to the overly embellished dresses of the past few years. Less is officially more. 🙌The minimalist design style is seen from all aspects of the wedding industry, but it’s finally showing up in our bridesmaid dresses.

The best thing about minimalist dresses is that they’re perfect for wearing again and again. From subdued designs to small details, it’s all about being understated and ultra-modern.

3. Shorter Hemlines

Those hemlines are going up, up, and away in the past few months. While floor-length gowns were the name of the game in the past decades, shorter hemlines are becoming more of a modern statement. 🤩

Help your girls show off some leg (and their shoes!) with a shorter hemline option. From cocktail dresses to midi and high-light hemlines, you can really customize this look to make it yours!

4. Velvet and Satin Fabric

Chiffon might be the fabric of spring, but more and more couples are choosing to say “I do” in the colder months. With the change in seasons comes a new question of what to wear in the fall. 🍁For many bridesmaids, that means going all-out with velvet and satin.

Velvet and satin look luxurious without being too distracting, and you can really show off some sultry jewel tones. Velvet and satin are the perfect way to complete a dramatic, modern wedding.

5. Jumpsuits

Last but not least, one of the biggest trends of this year are jumpsuits. 🙌That’s right, many bridesmaids are ditching the dress altogether in favor of a sophisticated jumpsuit or even a pantsuit.

This chic, fashion-forward option is one for the books. They can be dressed up or down depending on the wedding theme, and it’s a great option for hitting the dance floor with all of your girls. 💃

If you’re planning a 2019 wedding, why not step things up a notch? These ideas above are all the rage, and they’re taking weddings to new heights. Let your bridesmaids really shine in these top trends!! 😍