Cut Costs on Your Wedding Invitations

In a world where getting invited to a party consists of a Facebook invite or a text message, it is no wonder this generation of brides feels unsure where to start with wedding invitations, let alone how much they can expect to spend. To help keep costs low, we've compiled our favorite tips to make sure you don't spend a fortune!

If you are still trying to figure out how much invitations will cost, check out Woman Getting Married's helpful blog. They break down the exact price range for different invite options and even feature their own cost saving tips at the end. 

digital save the date.jpg

Digital Save the Dates

Save the Dates get your friends and family hyped up for your upcoming celebration. They are also help your guests plan travel and work arrangements. These announcement cards don't need to be fancy, but they do need to match the formality of your wedding. If you think digital Save the Dates would be well received, you can create a custom invite for free using an application that adds text to your photos like Over. Then, simply send the photo to your guest link through text or Facebook. 

Do It Yourself

DIY wedding projects can be a great way to cut costs, but you'll definitely need to pick and choose which projects you take on. If you decide your wedding invitations are one of those projects, be sure to include friends and family to help you get the task down quicker. 

Etsy Greenery Wedding invitation

Etsy Greenery Wedding invitation

Design Template

This may be our favorite way to go because you get the cost savings benefits of a DIY without the time consuming hours of creation. Plus, almost all templates allow you to make design edits to change the font, color, size, text and more. On top of all that, this can save you even more money than a DIYing your invites from scratch. A few of our favorite sites are CanvaMinted and Etsy.

Less is More

Your guests care about being informed; they want to know where to go and when to go there. Upgrading to foil lettering or an envelope liner is absolutely lovely, but the same information can be conveyed with cheaper ink and a standard envelope. 

All In One

Include all the details on one card instead of a separate card for each item. The wedding and reception information can all be included with a reference to your wedding website for more details on rsvp, directions, and more. If you are still cramped for space, look into putting extra information on the back of the card. This will at least save you from buying extra paper for a second card.

Round Up

When ordering your invitations, round up to make sure you have a handful of extras for the guest list to fluctuate and for addressing mistakes. Purchasing extra up front helps you to avoid mistakes instead of frantically trying to fix them!

Website RSVP

Getting back RSVPs is never easy, but this might actually improve your chances. It really just depends on your guests, and you know your people better than anyone. If you think they would prefer responding online to mailing a card, this could be a win win. Significant savings for you and ease of communications for your friends and family.

Below is an example Minted offers for free with most of their invitations. The guest simply enters the name addresses on their envelope and then selects whether they will be coming and the number. You are also able to set limits for each invitation, so your guests aren't apply to RSVP for people who aren't invited. 

Minted wedding website

Minted wedding website

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