Our Favorite Etsy Finds for Your Wedding

Etsy is a wonderful tool to take advantage of when planning your wedding. In fact, Etsy will be your one stop shop for all things wedding invitations, mementos, décor, accessories, etc.! Did I mention the affordable prices? Due to the nature of everything on Etsy being either hand-made or vintage, the website offers the opportunity to encounter unique, often one of a kind, finds at a great price point! Here are 10 Etsy finds sure to turn your wedding guests’ heads without breaking the bank!

1. Customizable Cake Serving Set ($36.95)

How sweet are these personalized cake serving utensils? They’re the perfect addition to your reception! By customizing these utensils with your initials and wedding anniversary date, this is one keep sake you and your spouse will forever cherish and have to remind you of your special day! Etsy offers many other similar products to the ones below. A quick tip, is to search for what you’re looking for, and ‘sort’ your findings by lowest price!

2. Leather Bowtie ($35.00)

Now ladies, don't forget - your special day is just as much about your groom as it is about you! Etsy has some really great finds for that handsome gentleman who will one day be your husband! We love this unique and hand-made leather bowtie. What a cool twist! 

3. Wedding Dress Hangar ($9.99)

We were specifically impressed with this listing! What a great price for such a sweet addition to your special day. It seems like one hot wedding photography trend is to capture the bride’s dress before she walks down the aisle in it! These hangars are sure to add even more sentiment to your photo.

4. Bridal Party Champagne Flutes ($10.00)

These laser engraved glass champagne flutes are such a great way to make your bridal party feel special! Break these out during the getting ready stages, and then again when toasting during the reception! Also, what reason to say yes to champagne, right?

5. Monogram Cuff Links - $39.95

Here's another one for the guys! We love anything personalized and just had to share these awesome cuff links. You can get your initials and wedding date engraved into these beautiful silver cuff links. Think about the great photo opportunity your photographer will have with these! You can also save these cuff links and he can wear them for years to come! 

6. Rustic Wooden Table Numbers ($11.25+)

What a perfect way to number your tables! Stick these table numbers in a floral arrangement, or any other kind of center piece to let your guests know which table they’re sitting at. This particular Etsy shop offers the trendy product at a very competitive price! If you’re looking those similar products that have a glitter or sheen to them, just DIY—do it yourself! Order these, and from there you can spray them with spray paint, or mod podge them with glitter just as you please!

7. Customizable Wine Bottle Labels ($6.00)

Can you think of a better way to ask your bridal party to be a part of your special day? The answer is no! We are slightly obsessed with these! Once you receive the customized labels, you just peel off the store’s and slap this one on. This is another easy way to let your favorite ladies just how important they are to you!

8.  Guest Book Signage Printable ($1.25)  

For a small fee, download this printable and frame it for a cute way to let your guests know where to sign your guest book! Get creative with your frame. We’ve found some of the cutest and most affordable frames can be found at Home Goods, Target, or even Ikea! Often times, guests are unaware of the location of the guest book, leaving a very disappointed couple at the end of the night when they notice they received hardly any love from their guests! Don’t let this happen to you!  

9. Simple Place Cards ($24.79+)

Save yourself the trouble of doing it yourself! Making place cards for a large group can be exhausting and frankly you will have more to do than something so tedious! These place cards are a great price. If you do want to spruce things up a bit, head to your local craft store and pick up different embellishments for the cards, or even thing of a cute way to display them. The magical world of Pinterest may be a great place to look for inspiration!

10.  Wooden Planter Box ($8.95+)

These planter boxes are rated 5 stars by Etsy shop goers! Out of all 1,285 reviews not a single one is bad! They’re affordable, come in many different sizes, and you can do so many different things with them. This may be another project that Pinterest can help you with! Whether you choose to put them on the gift table, or in center of your tablescape, this Etsy find is a must—you cannot go wrong!

These are a few of our favorites, but we’d love to hear yours! Share with us your favorite Etsy wedding finds! Also, follow along on Instagram for more exclusive updates and ways to save!