Finding The One & Falling In Love

Hello again Brilliant Babes! Today, let’s talk about LOVE. 

Love is in the air when you get engaged, but not just the love between you and your fiancé. Falling in love with and finding your wedding dress is such a precious and unforgettable moment that will forever be part of your love story.

The other “love” we will be discussing is self-love. Because girl, you ARE beautiful and deserve the world - especially on your wedding day. 💛

Today’s post is continuing “Hey Brilliant Babe - Your Dress Is Waiting To Be Found”.  If you haven’t been following this series - check out our past blogs on “How to Prepare For the Bridal Experience” and “What To Expect” for stress relieving advice on the bridal process. Our latest part of the series showcased how the appointment generally runs, and how you and your stylist work together to find “the one”. 

Loving Vs. Liking 

Liking a dress isn’t the same as loving a dress. While shopping for your gown, you will find that there are many dresses out there that you like. However, only one dress will be YOUR dress. There's always beautiful dresses out there, but only one will speak to you and give you that special bride feeling. ✨

Narrowing Down

Don’t let yourself fall in love and have a favorite at every store you go to! This will only cause extra stress and confusion, and we all know planning a wedding brings enough of that. Be sure to narrow down and eliminate as you go! This isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but looking at each detail and picking what you like and don’t like about each gown can be super beneficial. 👏 As our Brilliant Bridal stylist Mary always says, “You’re not marrying your second favorite person, so don’t get married in your second favorite dress!”

Self love

If you take away one thing from this post, please let it be this. When you go out and look for your gown, remember to be kind to yourself. You don’t deserve the self-criticism that sometimes comes with dress shopping. Love yourself & love your body. In some cases, limiting the amount of people you bring along with you can be helpful. Having so many opinions can be overwhelming, and you must remember this is about YOU and how YOU feel. 👰 At Brilliant Bridal, we believe that the dress is about what fits your personality, not your body type. If you want bold and sexy, we will find you the perfect fitted dress for your frame. If you want something romantic and whimsical, we can find a gorgeous flowy A-line. It’s all about finding a gown that expresses who you are as a bride. 🙌

The knot

The knot

Stay on the look out for our final post in the series - what to do after your find your dress. 🎉 In this post, we will discuss alterations, accessories, steaming and pressing, and MORE!