How To Plan a Bachelorette Bash on a Budget

Today, we have the pleasure of collabing with Aimee Lyons as a guest blogger this week. She runs a blog called DIY Darling, where she shares her love for crafting and all things creative. 

Bridesmaids - this blog post is for you (brides this will be so helpful for you to forward to your maid of honor)! Being in a wedding is so exciting, but it can also become quite expensive. You can quickly exhaust your budget, by the time you pay for your dress, shoes, hotel room, and wedding gift. Fortunately, planning a bachelorette bash that's a night to remember and still easy on your wallet is possible with these tips!

Rochelle Portraits 

Rochelle Portraits 

Focus on the Bride

Your bride may be dreaming about a fun night on the town, a relaxing getaway or even a causal night in. Whatever her vibe, just make sure to celebrates her! This is by far the most important tip in deciding what to and what not to do; keep your bachlorette's favorite things in mind and choose things to do that will really make her feel loved and appreciated. 

Set Your Budget

Talk with the other girls in the wedding party and agree on an amount that everyone is comfortable investing in the celebration. If you don’t know the other girls well, BrideBox’s suggests using an anonymous survey to get honest answers like Google Forms. Make sure to include options for activities at each price range to make the planning process as transparent as possible.



DIY the Decorations

Perhaps you or a member of the group are super crafty and can DIY the party favors, decor, or party games. Not only will the bachelorette and guests appreciate the extra effort and personal touch, but you will be able to use the savings to go toward other areas such as transportation or food.

Stay Local

Rather than traveling across the country, consider holding the celebration closer to home. If the bridal party is centrally located, you can keep costs low by remaining in town and getting the biggest bang for your buck at local bars, restaurants, and spas. Saving on travel costs will probably leave enough room in the budget to create custom t-shirts, which is sure to score you some free drinks when they see you are celebrating a momentous occasion. Local patrons also will be more willing to pay for drinks for your group if they see that you are celebrating a bride-to-be. 



Blind Wine Tasting

BRIDES recommends doing a blind wine tasting, if you’re partying at home reminiscing about college memories and giving each other facials. Each girl brings a different bottle of wine, places it in a brown paper bag, and enjoys tasting each to decide which she likes best. Tally the votes and give the girl who supplied the favorite bottle a prize. Plus, you can use cute wine glasses as inexpensive party favors.



Slumber Party

Another fun, budget-friendly option is to plan a slumber party that includes manicures and pedicures, games, snacks, stories, and pizza, plus your bachlorette's favorite movies! Each girl can bring a movie that has special meaning to her relationship with the bride. Spend the night together at one of your apartments or have everyone chip in on an inexpensive hotel room or Airbnb

Go Camping

If the bridal party likes adventuring into the great outdoors, camping is a great way to spend time together and save money at the same time! Ask the group to contribute camping gear or have everyone pitch in to rent a cabin in the woods, if sleeping in a tent is a little too rustic. You are sure to be able to find plenty of good rentals available throughout the year. Plus, you can browse online sites to get the best deal. Just make sure that there are enough beds and bathrooms to accommodate your group. 

It is possible to plan a bachelorette bash that's just as much fun as a weekend in Vegas without breaking the bank! Just remember to focus on your bride and plan the party around her and the other details will fall into place (and don't be afraid to stick to your budget).

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