How To Wedding Registry like a Pro


Registering gift items for your wedding is easier for some than it is for others. Some brides feel really uncomfortable asking for what they really want. They worry about what the wedding attendee will think it's a cool present or if it is more expensive then other options. Your guests may have opinions about your registry, but rest easy knowing that your friends and family love you! They want to get you things that you will use and enjoy. If an item happens to be more expensive than what they are willing to pay, they can go in on it with a friend or give you a gift card and let you know how they would love to see you use it. 

Be Yourself

Allow yourself the freedom to make your registry that reflects your personality and what you truly want. There are many infographic with lists upon lists of items to add to your registry but that doesn't mean that you have to add every single item. Think about what you will use most and think about things that would make your life easier. 

Team Up with Your Fiancé 

Registering for gifts doesn't have to be a hassle. Make it an activity you do together with your fiancé, and shift the focus back onto your relationship and your love for one another. Find gifts that express both of your styles and personalities. Work together to create a cohesive look that blends your aesthetics together. 



Over Register

It's important to over register to meet the quantity guests' need to buy gifts: for the engagement party, wedding shower and a wedding gift. By over registering, you'll ensure that their are choices left at each price point, and that there will even be items left for your guests to purchase.

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Here are some of our favorite registry sites:


Not only do you get to register for items sold exclusively at Target, but you can also add items from other sites! How cool is that?! 



Who doesn't love shopping on Amazon? Now you can register for your wedding from the comfort of your couch! 



A Zola registry is a game changer. You get access to thousands of gifts and experiences but you also get access to cash funds! 


Now, you are fully prepared to register for your wedding like a pro! Just remember to take it step by step and even try registering room by room to keep yourself organized. If you have any other tips to add, we'd love for you to share them in the comments for other brides-to-be!

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