Last month, we did a mini series of all things bridal party. We started the series off with sweet ways to ask your bridesmaids and we ended the series with bridal party thank you gifts. In the spirit of wedding party proposals and gifts, we thought it fitting to help you, help your man with his gifts too!

We know that planning a wedding can be quite stressful and with all of the things you are already juggling, helping your financé find gifts for his groomsmen is probably not on the top of the list. Maybe your guy has everything under control, but in case he doesn't we have got you covered! We rounded-up the coolest ways for him to ask his best dudes the question, "Will You Be My Groomsman?"

Ask them with a gift

The Barber in a Box is the perfect spin off of the popular bridesmaid's boxes. It comes in a customizable wooden box and includes: scissors, sharpening stone, barber style razor, and comb. This man-scaping gift set will elevate his grizzly pals into the sophisticated men they are meant to be on the day of the wedding.

Barber box  From groovy groomsmen Gifts $99.99

Barber box From groovy groomsmen Gifts $99.99

This personalized Vegas Box Set is the perfect excuse for your man to throw a game night and ask all of his groomsmen at one time! It's filled with four stainless steel flasks, 100 poker chips, deck of cards, and four stainless steel dice. Now, all he will need to do is invite his friends over and tell them the good news! 

THE VEGAS BOx  From groovy groomsmen Gifts $69.99

THE VEGAS BOx From groovy groomsmen Gifts $69.99

If gift boxes are something you and your guy could diy, then opt for doing it yourself instead of buying ready made. This will allow you to uniquely tailor each box to each groomsmen. Try to include items that reflect common interests between your groom and his dudes, like sports, movies or even food.

Ask them with a card

On a less serious note if your groom is a bit of a jokester, it may be easier to pop the question with some humor. Making a funny (or pun-filled) card for his groomsmen is an inexpensive way to flex your creative muscles and is a great solution for asking those out of state friends. If you’re not much of a writer or comic, there are lots of handmade cards available on Etsy.

groomsmen card  From Dazzling Daisies co $12.00/set of 4

groomsmen card From Dazzling Daisies co $12.00/set of 4

groomsmen scratch off card  from inklings paperie $21.00/set of 6

groomsmen scratch off card from inklings paperie $21.00/set of 6

groomsmen card  set from floating specks $15.00/ set of 5

groomsmen card set from floating specks $15.00/ set of 5

Ask them over a drink

power mug  From groovy groomsmen Gifts $16.99

power mug From groovy groomsmen Gifts $16.99

If your man is super low-key, there is no better (or easier) way for him to ask his friends than over a bottle of cold beer. Make sure no one is left empty-handed with these party-worthy beer mugs. The Power Mug (pictured above) can be custom made to mark the occasion! 

Booze brolabel  From groovy groomsmen Gifts $7.99

Booze brolabel From groovy groomsmen Gifts $7.99

If he and his friends prefer spirits, a great way to have him ask them is with a BroLabel, that can display the invitation right on each of their fave alcoholic drink. This label is professionally printed and will fit on almost any 750ml liquor bottle and most 375ml liquor bottle, making a rock star groomsmen gift!

All of the featured gift items are linked directly to a webpage for purchase in the caption below each picture. A special thank you to Groovy Groomsmen Gifts for partnering with us in this post! We love working with other vendors in the wedding industry and this post has been so fun to write! If you are looking for additional ideas, visit their website they have tons more gift options available!

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